D.C. Attorney: Judge Moore Accuser’s Story Cannot ‘Withstand Cross-Examination’

According to a Washington, D.C. attorney, the woman who accused Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct shortly before the 2o16 special election for U.S. Senate in Alabama will have a tough time if she attempts to take the stand against the Judge in his defamation suit against her.

“In a trial, they will get into all the details, and there is no way her false story can hold up,” said Constitutional lawyer and litigator Johnny Davis, according to a report. “There’s no way Corfman will withstand cross-examination.”

Leigh Corfman accused Moore of sexual abuse in a story run by the Washington Post on Nov. 9, 2017, while Moore was taking on Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) in a special election for U.S. Senate. The press ran wild with the story thought the fact were slim, similarly to what happened with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation process.

Subsequently, Moore lost the race. He has been engulfed in a legal battle to clear his name ever since. Now, it appears that he might be close to accomplishing that goal.

One of the main factors in the case is Corfman’s shoddy recollection of details – including whether Moore lived in a trailer or a house. She also claimed that the Judge sat her down on a blanket in front of a television set inside the residence. Moore has corroborating evidence from multiple eyewitnesses stating that he never had a television set.

“Since Corfman claims she remembers Moore take her to his residence, it is implausible that she would not be able to answer whether it was a trailer or house,” Davis reportedly said. “So, she can’t remember, she refuses to say, if it was a mobile home or a regular house.”

Davis said that the reason for the discrepancies is simple: Davis made up the allegations.

“It’s because she has never even met the man. In reality, she was making that stuff up,” he said. “She has already stuck herself in a corner with her story to the Washington Post.”

The judge has made a sworn affidavit – under penalty of perjury – denying the allegations against his. Corfman has never made such a statement.

Davis said that Corfman’s lawyers are trying to slow-play the discovery phase of the case, knowing that her story will not survive if she takes the stand.

“Right now, they’re doing interrogatives, each side is asking the other details about their case,” Davis reportedly said. “They are trying to pry into each others’ evidence, and Corfman’s attorneys are trying to keep her from being pinned down on a response that is impeached by the facts.”

In reality, if Corfman had told the truth, she would not have to worry about being proven wrong.

The Republican establishment, like the spineless horde of impotents it is, dropped its support for Moore as soon as the allegations were made. Many were happy to see the Trump-supporting candidate’s demise. On the other hand, they went to bat for President George W. Bush appointee Kavanaugh when he was hit with similarly implausible and unprovable accusations.

Perhaps the GOP did not believe that Democrats would stoop so low as to slander an innocent man with allegations of sexual misconduct during the Moore election. Now that we know for sure what the Democrats are capable of doing to an innocent man, it is time for the GOP to take a hard look at itself.

If Moore is cleared, the establishment hacks in the GOP that abandoned him ought to be shamed out of existence.

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