D.C. ‘Nullo’ Claims to Have Removed Penis and Testicles in Do-It-Yourself Surgery

A 23 year-old Washington D.C male named Trent Gates claims to have pioneered a new innovation in the world of body modification.

Gates, who identifies as non-binary, claims to have personally removed his own testicles and penis, desiring to render himself what he refers to as a genitalia-free ‘nullo.’

Apparently Gates isn’t the first to undergo the procedure in its own right- the phrase is used in extreme subcultures to describe biological males who have chosen to remove their sex organs and nipples.

Gates claims to have received inspiration from a California nullo known as ‘Gelding.’

Gates told Metro US that he performed the surgeries himself, removing his testicles and penis respectively in two procedures at his apartment and a hotel room.

He employed the use of a ‘spotter’ to call an ambulance if the castration became life-threatening and required the attention of a medical professional.

It’s unlikely Gates would have been able to find a doctor willing to remove his penis and testicles without a genuine medical cause, forcing him to do it himself.

There’s reason to doubt Gates is being entirely truthful with the account he provided to Metro, although the outlet claims he took photos of the process that are simply too graphic to reproduce.

Gates claims to have simply used a sanitized knife and painkillers for the process, and maintains strongly that his sexual function remains intact after removing his testicles. The latter assertion seems to cast the most doubt upon his shocking claims, as the human testes play an important role in fueling the male libido.

Whether or not Gates really did castrate himself, his tendency to embrace such a twisted concept suggest serious mental problems in need of treatment. Unfortunately, if Gates is telling the truth, there’s nothing that medical professionals can do restore the physical function of a young man who has mutilated himself for life.

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