D’Abrosca: The Mainstream Press is the Enemy of the American People

This morning, the sanctimonious retards in the mainstream press are in the midst of launching a coordinated editorial attack against President Donald J. Trump, further proving his point that they have precisely zero interest in reporting the news, and would rather act as an opposition party to a duly elected president.

According to formerly-respected rag The Boston Globe, which organized the campaign, 300 news outlets around the country are participating. In other words, 300 news organizations are taking time away from their normally-scheduled Trump-bashing to bash Trump together.

Lord knows how they’ll find the time in between doxxing Facebook grandmas and 15-year-old Reddit users, supporting violence against peaceful protestors, indulging in made up fantasies about Trump’s sexual exploits, conjuring stories about helicopter crashes to make themselves seem heroic, portraying thugs as innocent victims of police violence in order to start social justice campaigns, comparing themselves to soldiers fighting in combat and firefighters rushing into burning buildings, drudging up anti-cop hatred, publicly vowing to help fight against the GOP, lobbying to abolish the presidency altogether, advocating for the rape of the children of political opponents, celebrating the complete de-platforming of rival news networks, (how about that free press, huh guys?), checking out Kathy Griffin’s rack, supporting pedophilia, supporting pedophilia, supporting pedophilia, supporting pedophilia, (did I mention they support pedophilia?), reporting on “unlikely but possible” scenarios, staging Muslim “protests against terror,” supporting socialism, sleeping with government sources, supporting anti-white racism, admittedly fabricating the entire Russian “collusion” hoax for ratings – oh yeah – the entire Russian “collusion” hoax, labeling all Trump supporters racistssupporting illegal immigration, claiming that tax cuts will kill people, claiming that net neutrality will kill the internet, claiming that Trump will kill us all, covering for homophobic anchors, sexually harassing each other, and legitimately losing their minds over Trump’s presidency.

The mainstream press adores everything that the average, everyday American abhors. With reckless abandon it dismisses everyone who does not live in a state bordering an ocean as backwards, racist, sexist, misogynist, hateful and angry. It is an absolute clown show – a circus of DNC propagandists.

And what the mainstream press still fails to realize that Trump was elected because he represents the everyman. He blew off the consulting class, the donor class, and the political and media elites in Washington D.C. to run his campaign independently so that he could listen to the concerns of regular people in “flyover country.”

He is beholden only the ordinary American, which the coastal elites hate.

He cares about what they care about – namely jobs and border security, which are hand-in-glove issues. So when the mainstream press constantly ridicules Trump, it is, by extension, ridiculing the hardworking Americans for whom he is fighting.

And those hardworking people know they are the real target of mainstream press hatred.

It is not Trump who harbors disdain for the mainstream press. He has fought and won battles against much tougher people than Brian Stelter, Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Jim Acosta throughout his immensely successful life. It is average Americans who harbor disdain for the mainstream press, and with good reason.

The press is not Trump’s enemy. He has played them like a fiddle at every turn, and squashed them under his boot when necessary. The press is the enemy of the American people.

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