DACA Recipient Charged for Sexually Abusing Senior Citizen

A Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient living in Minnesota has been charged after allegedly sexually abusing an elderly woman in a nursing home.

“The man accused of sexually abusing a 68 year old patient at a senior home in St. Cloud is now in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” according to KNSI.

“Jesus Manzanilla Alvarado was arrested after allegedly admitting to sexually touching the woman at the St. Benedict’s Center,” the report said.

ICE has placed a detainer on Manzanilla Alvarado, who currently enjoys DACA status – a program foisted upon the American people by President Barack H. Obama that prevents illegals brought to America as children from being deported – will reportedly be deporting because of his “latest arrest and extensive criminal background.” DACA recipients were nicknamed DREAMers by Democrats and in media (but I repeat myself) so that Americans would feel badly if they advocated for their deportation.

“Last week, staff at St. Benedict’s Center told police that Manzanilla Alvarado had been spending a lot of time with the patient and admitted to sexually touching the woman, who reportedly suffers from anxiety and depression,” the report said. “The patient also said Manzanilla Alvarado had been touching her in her room.”

Manzanilla Alvarado’s is a case of another totally preventable alleged crime, if only America had a sane immigration policy.

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