DACA Recipient is Endorsing Houston Republican Candidates

Why is a DACA recipient endorsing 2020 Republican Congressional and judicial candidates for the Texas GOP primary?

According to sources close to BLP, Hilario Yanez, a beneficiary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, has endorsed candidates in the Houston area as an Advisory Board member of the Houston Business Realty Coalition PAC.

Yanez came illegally to the United States as a young child.

He is now authorized to say and work in the U.S. thanks to DACA, which then-President Barack Obama implemented without congressional approval, while Republicans objected to the process on constitutional grounds.

The endorsements and the PDF can be found below:

HRBC Newsletter w endorsements

Establishment GOP types have generally promoted Yanez as a way of hitting back at Democrats for their obstructive ways.

Yanez was invited to speak before a Congressional hearing last year to talk about his experience which was played on C-SPAN.

Although Yanez supports DACA’s aim of letting young immigrants who entered the country illegally as children stay in America, he doesn’t think the process is legal.

“I believe what former President Obama did was the right thing to do but the wrong way to do it, which is why I believe DACA is unconstitutional and why President Trump has every right to get rid of it,” Yanez said during a testimony before the judiciary committee last year. “The best way then and today is action by Congress.”

“Let’s stand behind a permanent solution to DACA and border security reform and fix it once and for all,” Yanez concluded in his testimony.

Although Yanez has supported Republican causes, U.S. immigration laws should still be respected.

The GOP should have thought twice before giving the DACA recipient a platform and letting him join their ranks.

If the GOP wants to be taken more seriously and maintain its political viability, it must stand against illegal immigration and take a much more restrictive approach to legal migration as well.

And all of this starts with who they let in to the party.

Conservatives would be wise to vet the people who work within their favorite organizations.


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