Daily Beast Unrepentant After Spreading RussiaGate Conspiracy Hoax for Two Years

The Daily Beast, one of the Democratic Party’s loss leaders in media, has a nasty habit of labeling everyone who dares question The Daily Beast’s Media Matters-approved talking points as “conspiracy theorists.”

Monday, the proverbial shoe was on the other foot after Attorney General William P. Barr found no evidence of wrongdoing by President Donald J. Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election. The site lent credence to the bogus Russian collusion conspiracy theory for the past two years.

Big League Politics reached out to some of The Daily Beast’s squirrelly j-school dorks who were responsible for cranking out bylines suggesting that POTUS was an agent of a hostile foreign power to see if they felt remorseful, embarrassed, or apologetic for their coverage of RussiaGate hoax.

Specifically, we contacted reporters (that term is used loosely in this context) Spencer Ackerman, Betsy Woodruff, Michael Tomasky, Sam Brodey, and Asawin Suebsaeng, some of the site’s most prolific Russian collusion conspiracy theorists.

Not one of these hoaxers who mislead the American public and sent rabid leftists into a frenzy with their irresponsible Trump/Russia coverage had any comment about their work over the past two years. Neither did the site’s editor-in-chief, Noah Shachtman, who presumably green lit the collusion conspiracy theory stories.

We know they received our inquiries, though. A white knight who is presumably connected to some of the reporters at Daily Beast took exception to our email inquiries, and Tweeted at me to express his malcontent, calling them “creepy.”

Jonathan Franks is an unremarkable blue checkmark liberal who describes himself as an advisor to low I.Q. Trump-hater Montel Williams. Williams seems fairly capable of embarrassing himself publicly without the help a team, but the confirmation that The Daily Beast staffers received BLP’s emails was certainly helpful!

If the conspiracy peddlers at The Daily Beast do not want to apologize today, that’s fine. But there will be a reckoning for the mainstream press over their despicable coverage of Trump’s non-existent Russian “collusion.”

The media will not simply wipe the egg off its face and move on, as though they weren’t complicit in perpetuating the most damaging hoax in American political history.

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