Daily Mail Calls Male Prisoner Who Impregnated Two Women ‘She’ When Revealing He Threatened To Self-Remove Testicles

Demi Minor — a trans woman who impregnated two fellow inmates at a New Jersey women’s prison — is behind bars for the murder of her foster father Theotis “Ted” Butts, whom she stabbed 27 times. Butts’ widow, Wanda, calls Minor “manipulative” and said: “I think all this about him being transgender is a ploy.” (New York Post)

Does reality no longer hold any type of meaning? Apparently, it does not when discussing issues such as a mental condition involving gender confusion. After previously being arrested for allegedly stabbing his foster father to death, Demi Minor, a man who identifies himself as a woman, announced that he tried to cut his testicles off with a razor in a recent blog post.

It gets even better — Daily Mail ran an exclusive piece on Minor, explicitly writing in their title, “she tried to remove her testicle with a RAZOR.”

This type of language continued for the entire piece. Daily Mail repeatedly referred to Minor as both “she” and “her” despite the fact that he recently impregnated two different women while in prison.

Minor has explained that she felt ‘hopeless’ and ‘ignored’, and also said it ‘was hard not to cry’ after being told by a committee chair that ‘there were some things that we can biologically not change.’

A blog post was made by the gender-confused Demi Minor on August 18, 2022.

Minor has quite the rap sheet. The female-identifying man previously committed multiple burglaries and car-jacked somebody at gunpoint, in addition to brutally stabbing his foster father Theotis “Ted” Butts 27 times back in 2011, according to the New York Post.

“It was the worst murder scene I have ever seen,” Brad Wertheimer, who was a defense lawyer of Minor back in 2011, told The Post. “There was blood everywhere. The community was outraged. The [foster] dad was considered a great guy, an angel.”

Since then, Minor has become a vocal activist for “juvenile justice,” and has a team of advocates backing him up as well.

“She’s a force to be reckoned with, a triumph,” said Minor’s lawyer, Derek Demeri, who according to the Post is an advocate for the LGBTQ community. “I admire her ability to navigate the system. She’s pretty level-headed and has risen above a lot.”

Minor’s former foster mother and widow of Ted Butts, Dr. Wanda Broach-Butts, has a different view on the matter. In her view, Minor is a manipulative “psycopath.”

“I think all this about him being transgender is a ploy,” she told The Post. “He’s manipulating people to get a better situation for himself and to get attention. He’s learned the language to use. He’s dangerous and he’s a psychopath.”

Dr. Broach-Butts was not alone in her analysis. Minor’s uncle, Tyrone Wright, seemed to agree.

“If I were incarcerated for any reason and was going to have to do a lot of time, I’d do everything I could to make it easier, you know what I’m saying?” Wright said. “I call bulls–t on this.”

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