Daily Mail Discovers Liz Cheney’s Husband Is Partner At Same Firm Representing Hunter Biden

According to a new report from The Federalist, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s husband is a partner at the same law firm representing “scandal-ridden” Hunter Biden.

This news about Cheney’s husband, Philip Perry, first broke last week when the Daily Mail “reached out to Hunter Biden’s attorney for comment on a story.” The outlet later received a response from an attorney named Christopher Clark.

As you can see in the tweet thread above, Clark called reporter Josh Boswell a “parasite” in his email response. Then the partner at the firm Latham & Watkins accused Boswell of living off other people’s difficulties.

Notably, this is the same law firm Perry is a partner at per the company website.

Liz Cheney has been routinely accused of being a RINO Republican at best, and a secret Democrat at worst. She is notably running for re-election on an anti-Trump platform and very rarely sides with Republicans on key issues.

Discovering that her husband Perry is a partner at the firm supporting Hunter Biden adds more evidence to these claims against Liz Cheney. And Americans are quickly beginning to notice that her words do not line up with her actions – nor are they in line with the direction the party is currently going.

To salvage her out-of-control campaign efforts, Cheney even called on her father, Dick Cheney, the man that started two wars and shot a man in the face, to add fuel to her never-Trump platform.

This is what the New York Times had to say about Cheney’s failing campaign:

“She no longer provides advance notice about her Wyoming travel and, not welcome at most county and state Republican events, has turned her campaign into a series of invite-only House parties,” the Times reported.

“What’s more puzzling than her schedule is why Ms. Cheney, who has raised over $13 million, has not poured more money into the race, especially early on when she had an opportunity to define Ms. Hageman,” the outlet added.

“Ms. Cheney had spent roughly half her war chest as of the start of July, spurring speculation that she was saving money for future efforts against Mr. Trump,” it continued.

As The Federalist reported, Cheney will “likely to lose her seat in the next Congress,” so she has been “laying the foundation” for a 2024 presidential run. Probably against Trump.

“If I have to choose between maintaining a seat in the House of Representatives or protecting the constitutional republic and ensuring the American people know the truth about Donald Trump, I’m going to choose the Constitution and the truth every single day,” Cheney said on CNN last month.

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