Daily Wire Founder Believes Conservatism is About Preserving American Liberalism

On October 30, 2019, Jeremy Boreing, the founder of the Daily Wire, argued that “what American conservatives want to conserve is American liberalism. American conservatism is not European conservatism.”

Boreing’s comments come in the wake of nationalists asking pressing questions during the Q&A portions of Turning Point’s “Culture War Live”, which put the conservative organization against the wall on issues concerning immigration and social morality.

Boreing was having none of that.  He tweeted, “What these retrograde losers don’t understand is that what American conservatives want to conserve is American liberalism. American conservatism is not European conservatism.”

The Daily Wire founder was instantly taken to task by conservative commentators such as Vincent James of the Red Elephants and Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.

James pointed out that conservatism focuses more on ordered liberty, principles which the late Russell Kirk promoted. These entail the respect for family values, community, and established traditions that provide the necessary social glue for a functioning society.

Watson noted that conservatives are not doing their best in fighting the “culture war.”

He asserted that “Modern conservatives claim to be fighting a “culture war” yet have ceded ground on every single battle to the point where their position resembles what liberals believed less than ten years ago.”

The conservative journalist then calls to attention how “Progressives are dragging the Overton Window to the fringes of the left and modern conservatives are dutifully tracking behind.”

Watson then concludes by asking, “Where is their line in the sand? In 10 years, will so-called conservatives be embracing Drag Queen Story Time and forced medication of 7-year-old transgender kids?”

Political correctness is part and parcel of American politics and many countries in the West. The Left is the obvious instigator of this trend, but many feckless figures on the Right have perpetuated it.

Many members of the Dissident Right are raising awareness about how ineffective most mainstream conservatives have become in defending their ideas and also the national characteristics of Western countries.

What should be seen as a form of constructive criticism, these critiques from the Dissident Right are taken by many to be reactionary “trolling” or “racist” hand-wringing. These are uncomfortable truths that many conservatives are not willing to address.

Failure to do so, will likely result in their ultimate defeat in the coming decades.


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