Dallas D.A. Announces Get Out Of Jail Free Card For Theft Up To $750

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot plans to no longer prosecute petty crimes.

Under the guise of trying to protect minorities, Creuzot wants the DA’s office to focus more on “serious crimes” in Dallas.

The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board pushed back against Creuzot’s plan. It claimed that it “has the potential to send the wrong message about our tolerance for any crime in this county.”

The Editorial Board continued,  saying that Creuzot’s plan “may go too far in the other direction, particularly at a time when residents across this region are worried about increased crime in their neighborhoods, from package theft to car break-ins.”

Creuzot declared that he will no longer prosecute theft of personal items worth less than $750 unless there was financial gain made from the theft.

The Board reminded Creuzot that “most poor people in this city are law-abiding citizens.” On top of that, “petty criminals escalate their activities to more serious offenses when enforcement is slack on more minor crimes.”

However, the Dallas Morning News was not alone in its criticism of Creuzot.

Governor Greg Abbott came out swinging stating that Creuzot’s policy “stokes crime by refusing to prosecute theft of personal items worth less than $750.”

Abbott recognizes the slippery slope, “If someone is hungry they can just steal some food. If cold, steal a coat. Where does it end? It’s wealth redistribution by theft. ”

Texas is at an interesting juncture in its politics.

Since the Beto O’Rourke campaign, urban centers have shifted more to the Left, as witnessed with Dallas County voters giving O’Rourke 66% of the vote. As a result, they are embracing policies such as lax law enforcement and economic redistributionism.

Some of this political culture is spilling over to suburban districts, where supposedly conservative politicians flinch at the proposition of policies like Constitutional Carry. With growing demographic shifts that favor more progressive policies, Texas could easily fall down the road of Florida, a swing state that could be susceptible to certain progressive policies such as gun control.

If Republicans want to keep their hold of Texas, they will have to pass good policies. If not, what we’re now seeing in Dallas County will become the norm.



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