Dallas Independent School District Will No Longer Discipline Troublesome Students with Suspensions

Dallas ISD will no longer suspend high school and middle school students, introduces ‘reset centers’ as new disciplinary action

The Dallas Independent School District is embarking on some new changes to how it will handle student disciplinary issues at middle and high school campuses.

According to a report by WFAA,  DISD is getting rid of in-school and out-of-school suspensions as disciplinary actions. Instead, the district will handle student misbehavior by using “reset centers” in its 52 middle and high schools.

“We’re just trying to address something that has been going on for a long time,” commented Pierre Fleurinor, a reset coordinator for Dallas ISD.

Fleurinor is employed at Stockard Middle School. He claims that the reset center gives the students a place to refocus, cool down, connect and form relationships.

“We try to just meet them at the door, love on them. Let them know that we see them. They’re welcome. And if they are having a moment where they are dysregulated, we want to just pull them to the side, talk to them. Find out what exactly the issue is,” remarked Fleurinor.

Unsurprisingly, this change has a racial motivation which Demond Fernandez of WFAA noted:

The school district’s program change is, in part, to address the history and disproportionate number of minority students who were being disciplined by suspensions.

Pre-Wuhan virus pandemic figures from Dallas ISD indicated that of the students who faced out-of-school suspensions 52% were African Americans, 44% were Hispanic, and 2.4% were white.

“The reset center is, like, a place that I can go to whenever I have problems, you know, just to deal with my issues,” noted student Gracie Cardona.

On top of trained reset coordinators, there will be mental health clinicians, and social emotional staff to assist with the reset programs on campuses across the district.

DISD administrators claim to be receiving calls from other school districts interested in adopting its reset center models.

Frankly the woke mind virus is beginning to cloud the better judgement of administrators in local jurisdictions. Not disciplining problem individuals from the start only encourages their bad behavior. Especially, in their adolescent years, when bad habits are formed and become fixtures of their adult years.

Overall, Dallas has gradually gone downhill in terms of disciplinary policies — whether dealing with criminals or students. For example, a new policy introduced by Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot in 2019 no longer has the city prosecuting petty crimes.

This latest policy change in DISD will undeniably create more social destabilization and potentially turn Dallas into Texas’ version of Chicago. This is just another reason why conservative should immediately pull their kids out public schools. Not only are public schools indoctrination centers, they’re also turning into hubs of degeneracy and anti-social behavior.

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