Dallas Law Firm Buys Robert E. Lee Statue to Preserve History

NBC DFW reports that a Dallas-based law firm won the auction for the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that the city previously removed two years ago.

Holmes Firm PC put in the winning bid of $1.435 million for the Lee statue after the city decided to put it up for auction.

This was one of the more high-profile confederate monument removals in the U.S. after the fallout of the Charlottesville, Virginia rally.

This firm is owned by Ronald L. Holmes and it has no plans at the moment for what it will do with the statue. Nor has it stated that it is representing another person who wanted the bronze sculpture of Lee and another solider on horseback.

The law firm identified itself at the auction as “LawDude” and did not immediately respond to contact requests from other outlets on Wednesday June 12, 2019.

Dallas Assistant City Manager Joey Zapata stated that the city of Dallas does not have any other plans to auction off other Confederate monuments. He added that the money the city received for the sculpture would go back into the city’s contingency fund.

Statue removals have been a part of the Left’s new strategy of destroying history in order to advance political correctness culture in America.

BLP reported on their success in having a highway renamed in Virginia, while another campaign is brewing in Charleston, South Carolina to remove a John Calhoun statue.

In all likelihood, this will not be the last confederate monument to be removed as the Left is prepared to go to war over artifacts of America history all in the name of fighting “racism”.

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