Dan Bishop Defamed as White Supremacist for Donating to Pro-Free Speech Social Media Site

State Senator Dan Bishop, the Republican Party candidate for the 9th Congressional district in the upcoming North Carolina special election, is getting maligned as a white supremacist for supporting freedom of speech.

A dark money 501c4 group, Stand Up Republic, founded in part by ‘Never Trump’ former CIA spook Evan McMullin, has produced an advertisement against Bishop criticizing him for donating to Gab, the free speech social networking website.

McMullin couldn’t sabotage Trump while running against him as an independent presidential candidate in 2016, so now his shadow groups try to destroy the GOP under the President’s stewardship. It worked when they funded ad buys against Judge Roy Moore in 2017, and Stand Up Republic is now trying to duplicate that success by handing another winnable race to the Democrats.

“Remember when neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville and killed a young woman?” a narrator says during the ad. “When they were banned from social media, Dan Bishop took their side. In fact he invested in a social media website because it welcomed the white supremacists.”

The disgraceful ad can be seen here:

Bishop released a statement on Monday criticizing his Democratic opponent, Dan McCready, and the producers of this ad for their tremendously dishonest, divisive and classless attacks against his character.

“Dan McCready was already running the most dishonest campaign in America but this ad is a new low filled with libelous, defamatory slander and any media outlet that publishes or broadcasts it should prepare to join the ad’s sponsors in defending it in court,” Bishop said in a statement.

Gab has been frequently criticized by the fake news media because the site does not arbitrarily censor content. The free speech social media site works with law enforcement and refuses to allow illegal content on its platform, but that hasn’t stopped the onslaught of dishonest attacks against them as the establishment desperately attempts to protect the Big Tech monopolies.

If anything, Bishop’s support of Gab should be a reason for conservatives and libertarians who care about protecting the First Amendment of the Constitution to support the man.

“I’m about done with SF [San Francisco] thought police tech giants’ Big Brother routine, and so … I just invested in a free-speech social network startup mentioned in a Washington Post article today, Gab.ai. Free markets are the answer to many kinds of tyranny,” Bishop wrote in a Facebook post in 2017.

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