Dan Bongino Leaving Twitter PERMANENTLY For Parler in the Face of Overwhelming Censorship

Conservative publisher and commentator Dan Bongino is poised to leave Twitter permanently, forsaking the Big Tech platform in the wake of the latest censorship restrictions imposed on his account.

Bongino was handed a twelve-hour suspension from the Platform on Wednesday- for no more than reposting a video from President Trump in which the President told racuous demonstrators to depart from the scene of the US Capitol and return home. The President himself was handed a temporary suspension from Twitter for posting the video, and he’s been banned from Facebook until Inauguration Day. Republican officials have gone largely silent in response to the onslaught of censorship, opting instead to deliver condemnations of the racuous protest that occurred outside of the Capitol on Wednesday.

Bongino told Mark Levin that he plans to make a final statement on Twitter, before permanently departing the censorious platform for Parler. Levin has spoken of his intentions to leave Twitter for Parler instead, which has grown by orders of magnitude since the November election and accompanying censorship.

Bongino confirmed the disturbing development on his Parler, a platform of which he’s a major investor in.

Parler has grown considerably since the November election, and is poised to take up the mantle of free speech online as Big Tech tyrants continue to enact Orwellian censorship on their conservative users.

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