Dan Bongino SLAMS Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay For Running ‘Fake News’ Story

Fox News commentator, author and former NRATV host Dan Bongino has accused Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay of running a fake news story about his departure from the online television network.

“This story is absolutely untrue and the “reporter” knows it. He texted me on Friday, after hearing I DECLINED A GENEROUS RENEWAL OFFER, this ‘Heard you didn’t renew with NRATV.’ Yet, he lied & wrote I was ‘dropped’ and liberal imbeciles immediately ran with it. This is fake news,” Bongino said, quoting a Tweet from Markay in which Markay linked to his story.

He followed up with a Tweet showing text messages from Markay inquiring about the alleged “cancellation.” Bongino did not respond to Markay’s texts.


The screenshots suggest that Markay was aware of the renewal offer that Bongino referenced, but Markay cited two anonymous sources in his story claiming that Bongino’s show was cancelled.

Bongino demanded a retraction and promised a story on his site, which presumably will counter Markay’s claim.


Asawin Suebsaeng‏, who contributed to Markay’s report, took a shot at Bongino, too. 

“The Daily Beast had never heard he declined a generous offer of any kind, so Dan is (shocking!) splitting hairs here and calling a completely accurate story (Read. It.) ‘fake news’ because why not?” he said.

Bongino fired back.

“Fake news ‘reporter’ writes I was ‘dropped’ after his fake news co-author texts me saying he heard ‘I DIDN’T RENEW,’ and now he’s desperately trying to unwind his bullshit. These idiots dunk on themselves,” he said.


Markay is notorious for playing fast and loose with the truth. Earlier this year, he smeared Students for Trump, claiming that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) was desperately trying to figure out why the organization had not provided information about its “financial backers.” In reality, the group had no financial backers or revenue stream. It was briefly a registered PAC before canceling its status as such.

Last month, Markey recycled a Big League Politics story from July and slapped an “exclusive” tag on it. He did not remove the tag once BLP alerted him to the fact that he was four months behind on the “news.”

Markay did not immediately respond to a comment request about the Bongino story.

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