Dan Crenshaw Blasted for Anti-Trump, Anti-Populist Remarks at Young Republican Leadership Conference

The Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF) hosted Congressman Dan Crenshaw for their national leadership conference on Monday where the neoconservative anti-Trump RINO blasted populism and America First to much of the crowd’s dismay.

New York Young Republican Club leader Gavin Wax drew attention to Crenshaw’s shameful comments in a Twitter post:

This resulted in Crenshaw immediately getting dragged on Twitter as he deservedly becomes one of the most hated frauds in the Republican Party:

Big League Politics has reported on how the YRNF is being overtaken by a dark money coup regime engineered by current RINO leadership aiming to seize permanent power over the organization:

Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF) chairman Rick Loughery founded a dark money 501c4 organization that is aggressively usurping the legitimate functions of the YRNF without approval from its membership.

Loughery with help from the YRNF general counsel, Ross Wolfe, founded YRs Run, a nonprofit organization based out of Pennsylvania, in order to exert authority over the Young Republicans without having to follow the YRNF’s bylaws or reporting requirements.

Wolfe’s father, J. Matthew Wolfe, founded the 501c4 in Pennsylvania, which he claimed was done because of his father’s expertise in organizing such groups.

“I don’t know why it would be a conflict of interest. The reason my father registered the organization is because he has experience doing that stuff and I don’t. I could have learned about it but didn’t really want to take the time to learn how to do it,” Wolfe told Big League Politics. His father is an influential attorney with deep ties to the Republican establishment of Pennsylvania.

Wolfe refused to address any questions about the ethical ramifications of the existence of YRs Run in concordance with the YRNF, claiming that commenting would be outside of his purview as general counsel.

YRs Run has already begun issuing candidate endorsements under the guise of being an official Young Republicans organization while being a separate, independent entity.

YR members are concerned that Loughery’s shady involvement with YRs Run may allow him to continue controlling the YR organization even after finishes his final term next year. Loughery is attempting to create a political dynasty and exploit his leadership role with the YRs and the group’s connections to do so… 

The current website for YRs Run is an unfinished shell that has a tab to issue endorsements that appear look as if they come from the official YR organization when in actuality they come from an unaffiliated nonprofit. There are also concerns that YRs Run is using the YRNF’s leadership conference to fulfill their obligations of non-political activity under law, hijacking the efforts of the broader organization so the 501c4 can serve solely as a political slush fund.

YRs Run will also permit Loughery to flout transparency requirements that are required through the YRNF. The YRNF is listed as a 527 under the IRS code and required to file periodic reports of contributions and expenditures. YRs Run can skirt this requirement under their 501c4 designation and take money from any interest without any public disclosure. This is how Loughery can launder globalist money through his new organization with zero accountability or transparency.”

The rotten fruits of Loughery’s underhanded YR takeover are already being seen. From far-left groups like PETA infiltrating the organization to Eyepatch McCain spewing his America Last bile at the leadership conference dinner, it is clear that the Young Republicans have been hijacked and are on the road to ruin as Loughery and his hand-picked cabal of establishment sycophants line their pockets.

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