Dan Crenshaw Reveals That He Was Plotting Gun Control Before He Was Elected to Congress

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has revealed a bombshell, perhaps accidentally, that he supported red flag gun control since before he started his run for Congress, showing that he lied on the campaign trail about his firm support of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

“I’ve been thinking seriously about this policy for years. It was not something I recently heard of. The NRA supported well-crafted GVRO,” Crenshaw told Kaitlin Bennett of Liberty Hangout, referring to a gun violence restraining order that would allow a judge to order the seizure of firearms from an individual deemed a public safety risk.

Crenshaw has gone further than supporting GVROs. He publicly endorsed pre-crime legislation such as red flag laws and The Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act following mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton earlier this month.

After Bennett, an Infowars reporter and avid 2nd Amendment supporter, criticized Crenshaw on social media as a gun grabber, he sent a series of demeaning private messages to her on Twitter criticizing her activism and unwillingness to accept his excuses for infringing upon the 2nd Amendment. She exposed Crenshaw’s untoward behavior in a YouTube video.

“I hope you rethink your tactics in the future, because they are only effective at alienating people on both sides. You won’t ever persuade anyone, and you’ll drive out your allies,” Crenshaw wrote condescendingly to Bennett.

“When you alienate people, you remove yourself from any productive conversations. As you move forward as an activist, you should ask yourself if that’s really what you want,” he added.

Crenshaw was recently photographed having one of these “productive conversations” with gun confiscation activists from Moms Demand Action, a front group funded by billionaire former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Bennett also pointed out Crenshaw’s history as a Never Trumper. Crenshaw was triggered by President Trump’s comments regarding Muslims, and insinuated that Trump is as ignorant as the deranged extremist left before he was elected into the U.S. House.

“Trump’s insane rhetoric is hateful,” Crenshaw wrote. “On the one hand you have idiots like Trump, and on the other you have equally ignorant liberals.”

Crenshaw refused to apologize for his criticism of Trump after he was confronted about his comments by liberal reporters.

“Do I regret it? I don’t know. That’s not a useful emotion. You know, you learn lessons. That’s a better way to look at life,” Crenshaw said.

Bennett is unaffected by Crenshaw’s disrespectful attitude toward her. She vows to continue defending the 2nd Amendment regardless of what the neoconservative John McCain clone has to say about it.

“Crenshaw knows that red flag laws will not stop gun violence, but will only create more of it. It will leave the very people who voted for him defenseless, and let politicians decide if they are fit to own firearms,” she said.

Bennett finished her video with a final plea to Crenshaw on why he should support the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

“You are a veteran that lost your eye fighting for our country. If you fought for our freedom, then you have no right to try to take it away,” she said.

“… Your service to this country is entirely meaningless if you are going to now serve the interests of gun-grabbing organizations like Moms Demand Action and fight to take away our freedom instead of protecting it,” Bennett asserted to Crenshaw.

Bennett claims she will now support a primary challenger against Crenshaw in 2020 who actually supports firearms freedom.

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