Dan ‘McCain 2.0’ Crenshaw Trashes House Freedom Caucus, Defends Pro-Impeachment RINO Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) recently trashed the House Freedom Caucus while defending pro-impeachment Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) at a campaign event in Texas.

“There are two types of members of Congress, there is performance artists and there is legislators. Performance artists are the ones who get all of the attention, the ones you think are more conservative because they know how to say slogans real well. They know how to recite the lines that they know our voters want to hear,” Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw then told the audience, without providing so much as a single shred of evidence, that Kinzinger voted with President Trump while the House Freedom Caucus opposed Trump’s agenda in the legislature.

“What you hear so often is not true. It’s not true. We have grifters in our midst…I mean in the conservative movement. Lie after lie after lie because they know something psychologically about the conservative heart. We’re worried about what people are doing to do to us, what people are going to infringe upon us, that’s the nature of conservatism,” Crenshaw said.

His comments can be seen here:

If Crenshaw wants to meet a conservative grifter, he should look in the mirror and talk to his associates. Crenshaw has supported red flag laws, mass immigration, federal action on climate change, endless wars in the Middle East, the destruction of statues honoring U.S. heroes, and many other policies that do not put America first.

Big League Politics has reported on how the events hosted by Crenshaw feature a who’s who of grifters and con artists looking to extract money and resources out of conservatives under false pretenses:

Rep. Dan “McCain 2.0” Crenshaw’s upcoming youth summit in Houston, Tex. is a haven for anti-Trump voices, liberal Republicans, and the founders of the coffee company that regularly spits on patriots while shamelessly grifting them out of their cash.

Crenshaw’s event, which is set to take place on Sept. 12, features ‘Never Trump’ leader Ben Shapiro, Fox News washout Megyn Kelly, plagiarist Benny Johnson, youth climate change activist Benji Backer, and Matt Best, Evan Hafer and Jarred Taylor of Black Rifle Coffee, the company that turned their backs on patriot Kyle Rittenhouse.

It should come as no surprise that Crenshaw’s youth summit is a RINO festival considering his history of promoting neoconservatism in the Republican Party. He wants to undo the America First legacy of President Trump and take the GOP back to the Bush-era of globalist hegemony.

Big League Politics has reported on how Crenshaw is a denier of of election fraud, hailing President Joe Biden as the rightful leader of America…

Crenshaw may be the most insidious RINO in all of Congress. He must become a pariah on the pro-Trump America First right-wing moving forward.

Crenshaw represents the neoconservative status quo that reigned supreme before President Trump arrived on the scene in the GOP. He bashed Trump relentlessly before he realized playing to Trump’s base could get him into office. Crenshaw is the epitome of the conservative grifter that he whines about on stage.

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