Danish Historian Believes that Flood of ‘Migrants’ Could Bring Civil War to Europe

At Summit News, Paul Joseph Watson reports that Danish history professor Uffe Østergaard believes it’s time to build a wall around Europe because mass migration has failed and, “Protecting borders is necessary, otherwise the population will rebel against the government”.

A well-established academic, Østergaard is a Jean Monnet professor of European civilization and integration at Aarhus University. He also teaches European and Danish history at Copenhagen Business School. His specialty lies in European identity. Østergaard has also studied multicultural and multiethnic states such as Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire and the states that succeeded them.

Beforehand, Østergaard was a staunch advocate of multiculturalism and the mass migration policies that it entails. However, he has changed his views on mass migration lately.

In an opinion piece for the Politiken newspaper, Østergaard expressed his new change of heart.

The headline of his piece states “The time has come to build walls with wire fences in four lanes, floodlights and guard posts.” In Østergaard’s view, not erecting barriers against mass migration will effectively create a schism between Western and Eastern Europe. This division will emerge because of conflicting views on how to handle immigration.

Østergaard writes, “Protecting borders is necessary, otherwise the population will rebel against the government.” The Danish historian points to the rise of immigrant ghettoes across Europe as a failure of multiculturalism.

The professor claims that Ghettos are a good example of parallel societies that arise. The integration has not failed for everyone, but for relatively many people.”

Instead he believes that “assimilation”, not “integration” should be the main focus.

Østergaard thinks that it is not possible to assimilate such a large mass of people into welfare states.

The Danish historian does have a point.

Welfare states like Sweden have become magnets for Third World mass migration.

Immigration is not inherently bad, but it gets distorted in the context of the welfare state. Further, with a political class obsessed with multiculturalism, there is a concerted push to bring as many immigrants as possible just to satisfy the whims of politicians who want to meet diversity quotas.

This is a major problem in the West.

To solve it, a reduction in the welfare state and immigration policies that emphasize work over citizenship are needed. Depending on the context, erecting barriers and other restrictions are also sensible approaches.

However, the status quo is unsustainable and will eventually lead to social disintegration if it continues in its current form.

For that reason, GOP voters see it as the #1 issue in the upcoming 2020 elections.

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