‘Dank Trump Meme’ Page Censored by Facebook

Another pro-Trump Facebook page is being de-platformed by the tech giant without explanation.

“I run the Dank Trump Meme page on Facebook, it has over 150,000 likes,” said the creator of the page in a statement to Big League Politics. “Our posts usually get around 10k-200k reach each, but suddenly, our posts have plummeted, only reaching around 10 people.”

Big League Politics has chronicled the shadow-banning of another pro-Trump Facebook page, God Emperor Trump, which was outright removed from the site twice.

We reported:

“Big League Politics reported over a month ago about this same Facebook page having issues with Facebook, as it was essentially rendered useless after all the admins were removed from the page. But Facebook reversed ended up correcting that issue, and  the page was allowed to operate for the entire month of April.

Yesterday, the page faced an even bigger issue than before. This time, the page was completely shut down with no explanation, or appeal process. Nobody on the page was notified, it just ceased to exist.

While the “God Emperor Trump” page may be controversial to those on the left, it by no means posted anything that could be construed as hateful. It was created by a college student with conservative views, who simply wanted a place to post about his support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.”

BLP Passage Ends.

The modus operandi for shutting down the Dank Trump Memes page is the same as it was for God Emperor Trump.

“Facebook has silenced us into submission,” said the page creator. “I have tried numerous ways to contact them to no avail.”

Big League Politics obtained screenshots from Dank Trump Memes that show what Facebook shadow-banning looks like in real-time:

This post only reached 41 people and was shared once on a page with over 150,000 likes.

Similarly, this post only reached eight people.

Not only have page views and likes drastically decreased, but the functionality of the page itself is impaired. This is another common tactic used by the anti-Trump tech giants.

Tom Pappert, creator of God Emperor Trump, went to bad for Dank Trump Memes in a recent video.


“Take a look at this Facebook page,” said Pappert. “It’s been up for a very long time and they’ve been shadow-Zucked over night. I’ll give you an example of what that looks like – six likes on post from page with 150,000 followers!”

“Thank God for our friends in the media,” Pappert continued. “For Big League Politics, for Breitbart, for InfoWars for NewsWars.”

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