Dave Rubin Berated on Social Media for Claiming ‘Free Markets’ Will Stop Big Tech Tyranny

Left-libertarian pundit Dave Rubin is getting hammered on social media by conservatives offended by his notion that the “free market” will somehow end Big Tech tyranny without government intervention.

Rubin disagreed with President Trump’s call for action to reign in Big Tech as they commit Orwellian censorship and attempt to meddle in electoral politics.

Rubin’s tweet caused many people to point out how his ideology is a failure and does nothing to actually preserve freedom of speech in any tangible sense.

“Man Dave…seems like years of gatekeeping and sucking up to Susan at YouTube has made the entire internet hate your guts,” wrote Twitter user @terrorsperg.

“How long until big tech controls every aspect of our life? We going to just let them destroy us in the name of “free markets?” There is a serious discussion to be had here about whether they are publisher or platform,” twitter user @MadManCris49 wrote.

“Conservatives are going to be “noble losers” until the end of time unless they actually start fighting fire with fire,” wrote Twitter user @tdschwinn.

“There is no Free Market is Social Media anymore. It’s a dictatorship that uses Repressive Tolerance to justify telling only one narrative,” wrote user @jamft in a tweet. “Twitter is no longer a platform, it has become a publisher and a gatekeeper.”

“This is not regulating them. This is taking away monetary and legal privilege they receive by claiming to be merely a “public platform.” They, if indeed they ever were, have ceased to be such and should lose that privilege,” wrote Twitter user @ChiefScribe.

“Competition doesn’t exist. Competitors can’t even get a mobile app because Apple and Google won’t allow it. Its a monopoly,” Twitter user @steph93065 wrote in another response.

Rubin is acting like his so-called competitor to Twitter, Locals.com, is free market competition that will reign in the social media giants without government interference.

However, banished journalist and Congressional candidate Laura Loomer pointed out that Rubin’s platform subscribes to all of the same rules as the tech giants and does not really promote freedom of speech.

“I find it really bizarre how Dave Rubin is going around telling people that his new social media site is anti censorship when it’s been designed to keep deplatformed people off and also utilizes the same content moderation tools as Twitter,” she wrote in a Telegram post.

“How do you have a social media site created to supposedly combat censorship and then not invite anyone who has actually been deplatformed onto the site? How can you claim to not have “behind the scenes censorship” when you let people “control who can and can’t post”?” Loomer asked.

Loomer urges patriots who oppose Big Tech censorship to join Parler, a social media entity that refuses to bow to Big Tech’s arbitrary rules and allows unpersoned individuals to speak freely on their platform.

“It is very dishonest for this new site to be advertised as a solution to censorship,” Loomer wrote of Rubin’s social media scam site. “I believe that’s what you call false advertising.”

Rubin’s half-baked weak libertarianism is not selling like it did several years ago. The homosexual former leftist “Young Turks” collaborator is showing signs that he may be controlled opposition for the globalist establishment.

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