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David Hogg Thinks The NRA Would Sell Their HQ To Gun Control Thugs



Civilian disarmament activist David Hogg cheered about Democrat’s victories in the Virginia legislature  on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

He took it a step further by suggesting that gun control activists buy the NRA headquarters and convert it into a gun control memorial.

Hogg tweeted, “The NRA just lost their home state. Next we buy their HQ and turn it into a national gun violence prevention memorial. .”

The NRA’s center of operation is currently based in Fairfax, Virginia.

Hogg’s tweet went out right after Democrats took both chambers of the Virginia legislature. This coincided with Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s push for gun control in the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting on May 31, 2019. Northam was championing universal background checks, bans on firearms suppressors, and red flag laws.

However, it should be noted that the Virginia Beach murderer acquired his guns legally by passing standard background checks over the years. So, no gun control would have likely stopped the man from committing the atrocities.

What media leave out as well is that the Virginia Beach municipal center is a gun-free zone.

Naturally, Northam has not even consider repealing these criminal safety zones given his lurch leftward on the issue of gun control.

Gun rights activists in Virginia will likely face real gun control threats in Virginia now that it is under solid Democratic control.



Federal Government Threatens to Defund Connecticut School Districts for Allowing Males to Compete in Female Sports



In a “letter of impending enforcement action” released on May 28, 2020, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights declared that The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference violated Title IX by “permitting the participation of certain male student-athletes” in girls’ track events at several school districts.

The federal investigation was kicked off last summer and were the result of the Alliance Defending Freedom filing a complaint on behalf three female students. The Justice Department took sides with female students during the past month.

The biological females sustained that the “Transgender Participation” policy, which was first enacted seven years ago, were stripped of their rights under Title IX by allowing “boys who are male in every biological and physiological respect” compete in their sports, provided that they “claim a female gender identity.”

The CIAC policy started to yield troubling results when two biological males who identified as girls began dominating girls’ track meets. This policy is less stringent than the NCAA’s transgender policy, which mandates males to take testosterone-suppressing hormones for at least a year before participating in female sports competitions.

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Three school districts violated Title IX by also participating in CIAC athletic events. “Glastonbury, Canton, and Danbury placed female student-athletes in athletic events against male student-athletes, resulting in competitive disadvantages for female student-athletes,” federal officials stated.

They added:

The athletic events in which the female student-athletes competed were coeducational; female student-athletes were denied the opportunity to compete in events that were exclusively female, whereas male student-athletes were able to compete in events that were exclusively male.

On top of that, three other districts – Hartford, Bloomfield and Cromwell – violated Title IX by allowing two biological males, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, compete on female teams per CIAC policy. According to the OCR, the conference and six districts “treated student-athletes differently based on sex.”

According to Greg Piper of the College Fix, “The letter uses pseudonyms for the students but all have been previously named. The girls filed a related lawsuit in February under their real names: Alanna Smith, Chelsea Mitchell and Selina Soule.”

The conference and six districts rejected “resolution agreements” with OCR, prompting the office to issue them “letters of impasse” on March 17. These are basically warning letters. The office initially gave them 10 days to comply. They then extended the deadline by an additional 30 days as a result of “their COVID-19-related duties and responsibilities.”

At the moment, OCR will either “initiate administrative proceedings” to block federal funding for the conference and districts or hand the cases over to the Justice Department in order for it to enforce federal law.

It’s good to see athletes finally get justice.

Thanks to the Left grabbing control of so many American institutions, Americans are subjected to a wide array of politically correct experiments.

This is a solid victory which should be built upon by the Trump administration and members of Congress.

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