David Hogg Won’t Denounce Supporter Who Tried to Stab GOP Congressional Candidate

A prominent gun control activist has refused to denounce one of his supporters who was arrested after attempting to stab a GOP Congressional candidate at an event on Sunday.

“March For Our Lives” is the national demonstration tour organized by David Hogg and his brigade of gun-grabbing teenagers with support of ultra-leftist non-profit Everytown.

Apparently, the violent leftist who tried to kill GOP congressional candidate Rudy Peters was a supporter of Hogg’s movement. Fazeli marked himself as “attending” the March For Our Lives rally in Oakland on March 24. His Facebook message made an appeal to the youth to guide America, hoping they “know a better way.”

Big League Politics reached out to Hogg Thursday morning to ask him if he disavowed Fazeli’s actions and violence against GOP politicians. We also asked him if he thought that America should ban or regulate knives in the wake of the attempted stabbing.

Hogg declined to comment.

As Big League Politics reported Tuesday:

“According to witnesses, 35-year-old Castro Valley resident Farzad Fazeli approached [candidate Rudy] Peters at his booth in an aggressive manner and made disparaging, profanity-laced remarks about the Republican party and President Donald Trump,” the report said. “During the incident, Fazeli allegedly pulled out a switchblade knife and attempted to stab Peters. The knife malfunctioned and the candidate became involved in a physical struggle with Fazeli, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly.”

A quick look at Fazeli’s Facebook profile proves him to be a radical leftist.

“Power to the youth, I hope they know a better way,” he wrote in a March post marking his attendance at an anti-gun “March For Our Lives” rally in Oakland.

The only side of the political aisle that employs violence in 2018 is the political left.

For exactly this reason, as leftist violence continues to escalate, it is important now more than ever for conservatives to protect our gun rights.

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