David Perdue to Run in GA Primary Against Brian Kemp

Former Republican Senator David Perdue announced earlier his intention to run for Governor of Georgia in 2022. If incumbent Governor Brian Kemp (who made every effort to fight President Trump and the Stop the Steal movement in 2020), decides to run again, it would mean a primary match between Perdue and Kemp and possibly others. President Trump quickly offered his endorsement to Perdue, who he referred to as a “Conservative fighter”.

Great to see that David Perdue is running for Governor of Georgia. He is a Conservative fighter who isn’t afraid of the Radical Left, and is the only candidate in Georgia who can beat Stacey “The Hoax” Abrams in November. Brian Kemp has failed Georgia. He caved to Stacey Abrams before the 2020 Election and allowed massive Election Fraud to take place. The signing of the Stacey Abrams-backed Consent Decree, so stupidly giving her and the Democrats everything they wanted, was a monumental mistake for not only Georgia, but also for our Nation!   

Kemp has been a very weak Governor—the liberals and RINOs have run all over him on Election Integrity, and more. Most importantly, he can’t win because the MAGA base—which is enormous—will never vote for him. We need strong leaders who will fight, and time is running out! David Perdue will eliminate the Income Tax, secure the Elections, defend the Second Amendment, support our great Farmers, get crime in Atlanta and other places under control, take care of our great Vets, and put parents back in charge of the schools.   

David Perdue and Herschel Walker (who I have already strongly endorsed) will make an unstoppable team for Georgia. Trump supporters will turn out to vote for these great leaders in big numbers. David Perdue has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will not let you down!

45 President of the United States, Donald J. Trump – Save America

Outside of his failure to maintain voter integrity in the state of Georgia, Brian Kemp has demonstrated time and time again that he is a RINO and not worthy of our vote. Big League Politics has previously reported that Kemp called for the mass import of Afghan Refugees into Georgia and his endorsement of the George Floyd riots of 2020. Stacey Abrams has also announced her intention to run for governor as a Democrat.

However, is Perdue really the right choice to oppose Kemp and further the Trump agenda? Perdue seemingly abandoned Trump during his fight for election integrity and conned Georgia Republicans out of millions in unused campaign cash that could’ve helped in him re-election to the Senate. Regardless, it is clear that Perdue would be at least better than Brian Kemp, and both would still be far better alternatives to far-left Stacey Abrams.

Big League Politics has previously reported that President Donald Trump had predicted a “Glorious Victory” in Georgia in 2024.

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