Day After Joining CNN, John Kasich Gets Shredded by Hollywood Liberal for Flight Snafu

John Kasich, governor of Ohio and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, eats pasta at Mike’s Deli during a campaign stop in the Bronx borough of New York, U.S., on Thursday, April 7, 2016. Kasich, the third Republican in the race, has only won his home state and was lagging well behind Trump and Cruz in Wisconsin polls. Photographer: John Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Don’t you just love a heartwarming story about GOP establishment failure?

Tuesday, GOPe hack, twice-failed presidential candidate, and former Governor of Ohio John Kasich joined CNN, where he will become their resident “Republican” hater of President Donald J. Trump.

Kasich has “morally superior and “holier-than-thou” Republican act since he was trounced by Trump in the 2016 GOP primary, presumably so that he will still be invited to fancy cocktail parties with his elitist political establishment friends, both Democrat and Republican. But, as Kasich is soon to find out, no Republican is morally superior enough to rise to the level of respectable in the eyes of the left. As author and lawyer Kurt Schichter wrote in a column at Townhall, in the eyes of Democrats, the only good Republican is a dead Republican.

This afternoon, Kasich was the subject of a scorning Tweet storm from Hollywood liberal Julie Klausner. Apparently, Kasich took her seat on an Alaska Airlines flight, for which she shredded him on Twitter.

“Lol I just got bumped off this flight to San Francisco by John Kasich,” she began.

“Omg this is insane. Kasich was asked to move to premium from first class & took my seat instead. I volunteered to take a later flight instead of fighting. , your employees are the BEST, sweetest people. And thanks, airport employees, for working without pay today,” she continued.

“He would not stand! He sat in my seat!” she said in a third Tweet, referencing Kasich’s recent book in which he made sure that ordinary Americans knew how much better he was than them.

“He had two paths! One was to go to his re-assigned seat as requested and the other was to take mine!” she said, referencing another Trump-bashing Kasich book.

Klausner bashed him several more Tweets, presumably from the airport terminal.

The lesson here is this: no matter how much slack you give to a liberal, a liberal will always view you as the enemy. A liberal will always hate you. A liberal with never compromise. For goodness sake, Kasich works for CNN, and he’s still getting blasted by liberals.

Unfortunately for the Governor, he’s never been much of a fighter. He will likely never learn this lesson.

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