Days Go By, Still No ID On Portland Man Who Insulted 9/11 Widow

A video surfaced of a man (using that term loosely) verbally abusing a 9/11 widow on the street in Portland, Oregon, a city nearly overrun by violent leftist Antifa thugs.

Now, approximately two days after the video began going viral in conservative media and almost a week since the footage was taken Saturday, researchers online and the media are still unable to identify the man.

The man is black clad, harassing a woman dressed in red, white and blue at a crosswalk while she waits to cross the street. The language in the video is vile, and will not be transcribed here.

During the exchange, the woman tells the man that her husband died on 9/11, at which point the man launches into a tirade about “racist” NYPD officers, and tells the woman that her husband should “rot in the grave.”

Earlier online rumors speculated that the assailant was professional skateboarder Charlie Wilkins. Those reports are untrue, though the men look similar. Big League Politics is working to confirm the identity of the rabid leftist.

WATCH: (Warning: graphic language)


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