DC Comics to Release ‘The Next Batman’ with Origin Story Depicting the Caped Crusader as a Black Man

A new comic book from DC Comics, The Next Batman: Second Son, features the signature character as a black man as the woke invasion of popular media continues.

The plot of the new comic series features Tim “Jace” Fox, estranged son of billionaire Lucius Fox, the top confidant of Bruce Wayne. Jace is the “Next Batman,” and this comic is his origin story. Writer John Ridley spoke with GamesRadar about his social justice agenda in creating the comic.

“One of the things that I’m really excited about in the storytelling is the Fox family as a whole, not just as characters, but also because we don’t get to see enough Black and brown families on the page that have good but complicated relationships. None of the other characters are there by accident either. Renee Montoya being offered the chance to be the Commissioner of Gotham is huge,” Ridley said.

“I do understand what it means to have a moral compass and trying to do what’s right in a world that doesn’t understand what you’re doing. At some point, the public is going to realize that Jace is Black. We’re not going to shy away from what that means when that’s revealed. All of these things, are very much part of my lived experience, and an example of the things that I want to bring to the story,” he added.

DC Comics is far from the only comic book creator that is injecting woke politics into their content. Big League Politics has reported on how Marvel is pushing transgender children by making one into a superhero and promoting this depraved lifestyle to kids:

Marvel comics has introduced a 12-year-old transgender superhero named the mighty ‘Rebekah,’ modeled after a real-life transgender child taking on the Trump administration.

Rebekah is being profiled as apart of Marvel’s Hero Project, which honors child activists who are being propped up by their parents to support a leftist agenda.

“I can change the world,” Rebekah said in an episode of the program hosted by the new Disney+ streaming service.

Rebekah has been used by the LGBT community to promote transgender propaganda in schools. A native of New Jersey, she appeared before the state assembly to demand that LGBT history be mandated in public schools so children learn to worship sodomites.

Her lobbying efforts were successful, as N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy signed Assembly Bill 1335 into law in February. Children will now be forcefed LGBT history, and coerced into adopting that unnatural and dangerous lifestyle.”

DC Comics’ decision to cater to the far left may backfire, as it has in the cases of Batwoman and Watchmen. “Get woke, go broke” is well-known as an axiom for a reason.

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