DC False Alarm Puts Ukraine War In Perspective

The Presidential Office of Ukraine, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons The Presidential Office of Ukraine, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Martin Falbisoner, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

False Alarm Puts Ukraine War In Perspective-

U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) were tracking an aircraft they believed to be a threat on Wednesday evening flying over Washington, D.C. Evacuations of the Capitol Complex began immediately, and anxiety struck the city as the alarms were sounded during an uncertain time when an attack on the U.S. is not at all impossible. During this tense moment, the involvement of the United States military abroad gave everyone reason to believe this could be a significant — actual — attack on the nation’s Capitol. We should take this event and consider if an area of a country on the other side of the world is worth a potential war here at home.

An alert was put out by Capitol police that set everything off: “The USCP is tracking an aircraft that poses a probable threat to the Capitol Complex.”

The U.S. Capitol and multiple other buildings in the Capitol Complex had been evacuated in fear of an imminent attack. Evacuation directions were being put out as Capitol Police scrambled to figure out what was happening.


Ryan Nobles, a CNN correspondent covering Congress reported “BREAKING: We’ve just been evacuated from the US Capitol because of reports of what what [sic] police are telling us is ‘aircraft intrusion’. [sic]


False Alarm Puts Ukraine War In Perspective

Nobles later posted video of skydivers parachuting out of an airplane and a scene where police were actively moving people away from the Capitol building to a safer location away from potential targets.


As Nobles’ video showed, what panicked most of the city, turned out to be an aircraft with the U.S. military carrying skydivers who were jumping into D.C. While it was a false alarm, what would have happened if it wasn’t?


False Alarm Puts Ukraine War In Perspective

The USCP put out a statement that clarified the situation: “The Capitol was evacuated out of an abundance of caution this evening. There is no threat at the Capitol.” While this is false, it is true in the sense that there was no plane attacking the building.


But there is a real lesson that we can all take away from this false alarm. We were all thinking the same things when we heard the news that an aircraft was flying over D.C. And why were we thinking that?

The U.S. is now backing a nuclear-weapon state into a corner. Russia has threatened “unpredictable consequences,” and has a military that is vastly underfunded, when compared with the U.S. This may seem like it makes the situation easy to handle, but Russia possesses a significant nuclear arsenal and hypersonic missiles capable of inflicting significant tragedies in Europe and beyond. And while the U.S. was investing significantly into missile defense systems, Russia was developing offensive hypersonic weapons that can evade these systems.

Make no mistake about it, the U.S. is the superior military power. But a desperate man can be much more dangerous than a strong man who is confident in his surroundings. The U.S. stance toward Russia makes one alternative seem the most likely route to success, as the international order hardens its heart to any chance of peace and negotiation. And that one alternative is the kind of idea that can come to a person in Putin’s position: strike fist and strike hard.

Is the Donbas region of Ukraine really worth such a dangerous situation for the world?


We assume that the fight is “over there.” But the U.S. is intricately involved in the fighting, and Russia has had the capabilities to reach our shores with dangerous weapons for a long time. Just as the U.S. and our allies are on Russia’s border, Russia is known to have the capability of infiltrating U.S. defenses by sea.

The U.S. should use this false alarm as an opportunity to reconsider some of the harder lines we’ve taken with Russia. We should, acting in good faith toward both Ukraine and Russia, as well keeping faith with our own interests, drag Ukraine to the negotiating table to end the war as soon as possible.


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False Alarm Puts Ukraine War In Perspective

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