DC Mayor Calls For Activating National Guard To Handle Influx Of Illegal Migrants Flooding City

Texas and Arizona have been bussing illegal aliens to places like Washington DC over the past several months. Last week, Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser voiced her concerns and frustrations over the Abbott-Ducey initiative.

Now, she is calling for the national guard to help deal with the influx of illegal migrants in her city. Dubbing it a “growing humanitarian crisis” – WATCH:

Bowser wants to combat “people who are seeking asylum coming across the country to get to their final destinations,” and she said DC would “continue to pursue federal involvement.”

“We’ve had a number of discussions,” she said. “We’ve facilitated FEMA’s involvement with a million dollar grant that has now been increased to work with a lead nonprofit agency. We’ve facilitated using those grant funds to set up respite center in a neighboring jurisdiction and I’ve also asked the Secretary of the Army to deploy the D.C. National Guard to help lead that effort.”

“I’ve asked for the deployment of the guard as long as we need the guard to deal with the humanitarian crisis that we expect to escalate,” she continued. “The number of people crossing the border seeking asylum, we expect to only go up, we need to make sure that there is a national response, not an ad hoc city by city, state by state response.”

Bowser has been very vocal against the Abbott-Ducey initiative, and even appeared on CBS News last week to claim that the federal government should work to prevent illegal immigrants from being “tricked” into getting on buses headed towards the Nation’s Capitol – WATCH:

Since that interview, the DC mayor sent letters to President Joe Biden’s administration and the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency asking that the National Guard be indefinitely activated.

She also asked for permission to use the D.C. Armory as a processing center for the 4,000 migrants who have been reportedly transferred to DC from Arizona and Texas since the start of the Abbott-Ducey initiative.

Per NBC, neither of these letters received an answer.

The reason for his whole initiative in the first place was to send a strong message and add pushback against the Biden administration’s failing Southern Border. Mayor Bowser’s comments show that these bussings of illegal aliens are working to some degree, forcing Democrat leaders to finally do something about the ongoing process.

Regardless, some conservatives have been critical of the Abbott-Ducey initiative because they believe the operation is being taken advantage of. Ultimately helping migrants reach their “end destinations” with a free cross-country bus ride.

About a month ago, Big League Politics reported that 79 migrant buses had been transported and taken advantage of under the initiative as of mid-May.

At the time of that writing, 25% of Arizona migrants said they planned to go to New York after arriving in DC. While 23% said they intended on traveling to New Jersey.

“These people are wanting to go somewhere else. They’re not wanting to stay in Arizona,” said Morgan Carr, spokeswoman for Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ). “From what we’re seeing, they’re all primarily [headed to] the East Coast.”

Even Bowser acknowledged this stark reality.

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