DC Tourists Surrounded and Accosted By Masked Antifa on July 4th Weekend

As Antifa stokes violence surrounding a DC free speech rally organized against censorship, innocent tourists attempting to take in our nation’s capital are being harassed and intimidated by a masked mob.

Getty cameraman Marcus DiPaola was on the scene covering the chaos surrounding the rally and counter protest to give his account of what he was seeing.

“This crowd of antifa was completely calm until two black women (looked like curious tourists) with Trump hats walked through,” DiPaola tweeted. “Things escalated quickly and police got the tourists away from the black clad and weapon-bearing protesters.”

The incident with the predominantly white members of Antifa and black female Trump supporters wouldn’t be the last attack on unsuspecting tourists by the menacing masked mob.

DiPaola continued reporting the scene tweeting, “MPD watching as black man wearing MAGA hat talks to protesters with pro-immigration shirt. Captain says ‘I’m not making you leave, but can you estimate how long you’re gonna be?’”

Again, the white crowd of Antifa surrounded a black man who happens to support our President and gave him a verbal lashing as police protected him from physical violence.

Even with their continued harassment of passerbys the police allowed the merry-go-round of behavior to continue with Antifa surrounding tourists and police having to escort the tourists away.

July 4th weekend is one of the most popular times of the year to visit D.C. due to summer vacation and the patriotic events surrounding Independence Day.

This year tourists got a taste of the violent activists that are attempting to remake our great nation.

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