‘De-Mainstream YouTube” Browser Extension Removes Corporate Media From Search Results

Tired of unreliable and comprised corporate media platforms such as CNN and MSNBC dominating YouTube search results, leaving you unable to obtain independent and unbiased content on the platform?

The “De-Mainstream YouTube” browser extension fixes the Big Tech platform’s algorithm to filter out content from “authoritative” mainstream media sources. YouTube made an editorial decision to prop up content from corporate news companies in 2018, citing a desire to minimize content that was critical of liberals, big corporations and the Democratic Party.

De-Mainstream YouTube also provides users with the option to choose which “authoritative” news platforms they want to appear in search results and suggestions. The wide range of news sources the software accounts for ensures that its users don’t miss out on content that they’re willing to consider or trust, while allowing them to opt out of the misinformation of CNN and MSNBC.

Styxhexenhammer666 explained the merits of the De-Mainstream browser extension in a video earlier this year.

YouTube originally advertised itself as a platform in which to “Broadcast Yourself,” allowing everyday people to replace dinosaur legacy media companies. After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the Silicon Valley Big Tech monopoly opted to reorient its platform to promote obsolete television companies.

The extension’s developer, Mark Miscavage, developed the software with the intention of giving power back to independent content creators.

After a week of using the “De-Mainstream” browser extension, the author can report that search results on YouTube are dramatically different, with rampant mainstream media disinformation and left-wing editorial content stripped of its algorithm handicap provided by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. YouTube search results using the extension much more closely resemble the platform’s heyday of 2014-2016, when independent content creators were beginning to render the mainstream media an irrelevant dinosaur.

De-Mainstream YouTube for Firefox is available here.

De-Mainstream YouTube for Chrome is available here.




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