Deadspin: ‘Conservative Gays Need to Shut the F*** Up’

Deadspin published a Wednesday op-ed calling for the silencing of gay conservatives, as the political left continues to prove that it is the party of censorship and hatred.

Raving lunatic Lauren Theisen was offended that Chad Felix Greene wrote an opinion piece in The Federalist juxtaposing the stigma of being conservative man to being a gay man, and arguing that the stigma attached to conservatism is worse.

So she took to the keyboard and spouted off a wretched and vulgar rage piece, archived here.

“What I’m saying is, conservative politics should have more of a stigma than being queer, but apparently, my saying so hurts Greene’s feelings,” she said.

It is difficult to make sense of Theisen’s argument, which is simply about 1000 words of her airing grievances against conservative gays.

“It doesn’t take a savvy politics knower to see what’s happening here. If you’re a rich guy whose politics align with the Republican Party’s goals, the conservative establishment will kindly overlook the fact that you enjoy sucking dick and enlist you as an ally. The kids who struggle to pay for hormones or can’t find a job that accepts them are left to deal with the consequences.”

It seems like her argument boils down to “gays shouldn’t be conservative.” But then she accuses of gay conservatives of faking their conservatism for money:

Honestly, I don’t blame most of the men I’ve mentioned for acting in their own personal self-interest. You do what you gotta do to make a living, I suppose, and a few more gays voting Republican won’t bring about the apocalypse any faster. Where these guys get really dangerous, however, is when we give them the microphone and the authority to tell us who we should and shouldn’t care about. “I’ve been discriminated against,” these gay male narratives tell you, “So believe me when I say that [women/immigrants/trannies/poor people] aren’t the real victims here.” If too many people believe those words, all of the fantastic, revolutionary ideals of freedom and empathy that formed the foundation of queer liberation will quickly fade away, and almost all of us will be worse off for it.

And then there’s a rant about the LA Weekly.

There’s also Brian Calle, the libertarian publisher of L.A. Weekly, whose name is practically synonymous with everything currently fucked in the news industry. In the process of turning one of the most respected alt-weeklies in the country into unwanted trash written by useless shills, Calle used his sexuality to bolster himself against critics—whom he had the gall to refer to as “bullies,” as if they were high-school jocks driving him toward suicide.

And then she says that all of the men who should “shut the f*** up” don’t really have any power, raising the question of why she would feel the need to silence them.

None of these men have any real power; they are at best D-List reality show characters. But higher up in the establishment are gays who can do real damage. Perhaps the most prominent LGBT supporter of a president who is apparently down to watch the world die, enrich billionaires at the expense of working-class people, and unreservedly support alleged sexual predators is Peter Thiel, the modern-day Dracula whose impossibly deep pockets once destroyed Gawker Media (Deadspin’s former parent company).

And then the big finish.

“I know it’s naive to think these dudes are ever going to shut the fuck up. But the least the rest of us could do is stop listening to them.”

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