‘Death Camps for Trump Supporters Now!!!’ Emblazoned on ANTIFA-style Fliers in New York

More and more calls for violence are stemming from national Democrats’ divisive rhetoric against President Trump and half of the country that support him.

Today in Patchogue, a city in New York, fliers were found plastered across signage declaring support for “Death Camps for Trump Supporters Now!!!”

A local theatre company captured the images:

Patch.com reports:

PATCHOGUE, NY — Multiple fliers have been posted on street posts and parking meters in Patchogue reading “Death Camps For Trump Supporters Now!!!”

Pictures taken over the weekend and obtained by Patch showed two fliers hanging across the street from Stanley’s Bedding Furniture on East Main Street, between Maple Avenue and North Ocean Avenue. Two more were also posted on a street sign and electrical box across the street from the nearby Family Dollar store.

The signs include a skeletal figure wearing a black jacket, white collared shirt and red tie. The words appear in red overlaying the photo.

This vile and violent message in just another in the long threats and actual violence from the left.

BLP reported:

On his Twitter account, Dayton mass shooter Connor Betts praised the actions of a man named Willem Van Spronsen who attempted to firebomb an ICE facility while carrying an AR-15.

On Betts’ purported account, in which he identifies as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back“, he also described ICE detention facilities like the one Spronsen attacked as “concentration camps.”

Spronsen ultimately didn’t injure anyone in his martyr-style attack on the Tacoma, Washington immigration detention facility. He was shot by police after deploying a crude incendiary device against the building.

Betts, however, has proved far more lethal, carrying out a mass shooting Saturday night in which ten have died thus far. Betts, who was killed by law enforcement during the rampage, even killed his own sister.


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