“Death Is Coming To You”: Antifa Threatens To Kill Reporter Covering Protest

Over the weekend, Antifa radicals in Seattle, WA came out in force to protest a conservative event held by the group Washington 3 Percent.

Falsely describing it a protest against “misogyny, racism, and Antisemitism,” around 150 Antifa-affiliated protesters showed up, many heavily armed, in an attempt to shut down the First Amendment-protected gathering.

When Andy Ngo, an Asian-American independent journalist known for covering similar demonstrations attempted to document the Antifa protest, he was threatened and called a “Nazi.”

One of the men seemingly affiliated with Antifa, took things a step further, telling Ngo that “Death is coming to you.”

“Are you willing to do for your YouTube s***?” he asks. “But yeah, that’s what’s gonna come. Death is coming to you.”

Pointing out Ngo’s Asian descent, the man also says that “history tells you that you can’t trust your enemy, but that you’re using your enemy against us, spying.”

While it is unclear what that racist statement means, it can be inferred that the “enemy” being referred to is the government, and the historical reasoning could be of the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Oftentimes Antifa considers those who document their actions as spies, or snitches gathering intel for the government to use against them.

But making any real attempts to reason the statements made by this clearly mentally ill man is a fools errand.

The only thing in his statements that is clear is that he is trying to send a message to independent journalists that they  need to watch out, or they may be killed for trying to cover their actions.

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