Deaths from COVID-19 to be Counted Among the Victims of Communism

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has announced that it would officially recognize all global Chinense Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths as the fault of the Chinese Communist Party government and would add their deaths to the historical victims of communism tally which has now reached over one hundred million.

According to the VCMF report, the blame for the current global situation is to be laid at the feet of China and their puppet of propaganda the World Health Organization:

“The consequences of China’s deception and the WHO’s credulity are now playing out globally. It is normally difficult to assign culpability to governments and organizations charged with ensuring public health in any pandemic, but the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is materially different. The denial of information, outright fabrications, and disregard for human life—both within and outside of China’s borders—is so shocking and pervasive that the contracting of the virus by millions worldwide and the resultant death toll was not only foreseeable but entirely avoidable.

If the Chinese Communist Party had taken early steps to warn the world instead of covering up its spread, and if the WHO had simply questioned or cautioned against China’s assertions, the harm would have been significantly reduced. Instead, the PRC’s actions and WHO’s inaction precipitated a pandemic, leading to a global economic crisis and a growing loss of human life.”

According to the foundation, the following policy objectives need to be undertaken by politicians in D.C. in order to hold China accountable for covering up the true nature of COVID-19:

-The U.S. should work to suspend China from full membership in the WHO. Treating China as an equal partner in safeguarding world health made the WHO captive to China and less able to accomplish its mission.

– The U.S. should work toward Taiwan’s admission to the WHO as a counterbalance to China. Taiwan has proven to be one of the most responsible countries in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

– The U.S. and other countries should explore using legal means to hold China accountable for violating its treaty obligations and seek reparations for economic damages incurred as a result of the pandemic.

– The U.S. should enact stronger sanctions on China specifically related to its human rights violations which contributed to the coronavirus’ spread at the very beginning and at every phase of the crisis.

– The U.S. should cooperate with other countries to demand an independent investigation into the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, China.

– The White House should form an inter-agency office specifically to deal with China and CCP propaganda and foreign influence operations.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is an educational, research, and human rights nonprofit devoted to commemorating the more than one hundred million victims of communism around the world and to pursuing the freedom of those still living under totalitarian regimes.

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