DEBATE: Trump, Biden Spar With Chris Wallace Providing Handicap to Democrat

Candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden sparred consistently throughout Tuesday’s first presidential debate, with liberally inclined moderator Chris Wallace consistently interrupting Trump and generally declining to treat Biden in a reciprocal matter.

The candidates discussed coronavirus, the economy, the Supreme Court and the vacancy slated to be filled by Amy Coney Barrett.  Wallace sharply sought to end Trump’s answers, while giving wide leeway to the Democrat to respond to Trump’s allotted answers.

Biden refused to answer if he would pack the Supreme Court or support ending the filibuster in the United States Senate, leaving his views on an important governmental policy proposal unknown.

In a segment of criminality and riots, Joe Biden appeared to defend the criminal terrorist ANTIFA organization, claiming that ANTIFA was “an idea, not an organization.” Wallace quickly butted in, preventing any further discussion of the documented and organized terrorist group.

When pressed on his support of law enforcement, Joe Biden was unable to name one police union or organization that has endorsed his candidacy. Once again, Wallace jumped in to rescue Biden, quickly moving to change the topic of the conversation when Biden was left with a blank.

Wallace went on to describe critical race theory training- recently banned from use by federal contractors and government agencies by a Trump executive order- in an utterly dishonest fashion. Wallace described CRT as “racial sensitivity training.”

Post-debate polling on Telemundo(Spanish-language television) indicated that a strong majority of the network’s viewers believed that President Trump won the debate.

Immigration and national security were entirely ignored in the debate format, with considerable chunks of time being devoted to wild election day hypotheticals.

The contentious and rancorous contest may go down as a victory for Trump by default, with Biden generally declining to show the energy and aggression that the President showed and appearing reliant on interference from a friendly moderator to end any segment discussions that got out of hand. It’s somewhat possible that Biden will decline to appear in any further presidential debates before the November election.


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