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Debunking MSM Report Claiming Trump/Russia Conspiracy Theory is ‘Biggest Political Scandal in American History’



Although the investigation has gone on for years and no Russian collusion has been found, the mainstream media is still claiming that the FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s nothingburger about Trump is the “biggest political scandal in American history.”

Axios cites some establishment-approved “historians” to make the audacious claim that the Trump scandal is unlike anything that has occurred in American history, except for maybe Watergate or the Teapot Dome scandal.

The supposed evidence behind this is as follows:

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“Mueller has already delivered one of the biggest counterintelligence cases in U.S. history, author Garrett Graff points out — up there with Aldrich Ames (a former CIA officer convicted in 1994 of being a KGB double agent), or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (executed in 1953 for spying for the Soviets).

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Watergate yielded more charges than Mueller has so far: A total of 69 people were charged in Watergate; 48 people and 20 corporations pleaded guilty. Mueller so far has indicted 27 people; seven have been convicted or pleaded guilty.

While Watergate’s charges included actual violent criminal acts including breaking and entering, Mueller has focused primarily on process crimes to create enough of a hoopla so the deep state’s propaganda partners in the controlled corporate media can make absurd claims about the investigation without being mocked by literally everyone.

Axios pointed to six scandals specifically that supposedly make the FBI’s investigation of Trump extremely important and totally not bogus.

Scandal 1: Trump secretly paid hush money to two mistresses on the eve of his presidential victory, and lied about it. His longtime personal lawyer is going to prison after carrying out the scheme on his behalf.

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen actually pleaded guilty mainly to crimes that did not have to do with the Trump campaign. The only charges stemming from the time of Trump’s campaign – illegal corporate contributions and excessive campaign contributions made in 2016 – cannot be tied to the President with any evidence that has been produced.

Cohen is a well-known serial liar who has been disbarred from practicing law due to his lack of personal ethics, but the mainstream media expects us to take him at his word anyway.

Scandal 2: During the presidential campaign, Trump confidantes continued negotiating for a tower in Moscow, potentially one of Trump’s most lucrative deals ever. He hid this from the public and lied about it. His lawyer is going to prison for making false statements to Congress about the deal.

This conspiracy theory results from the actions of Felix Sater, an associate of President Trump, who attempted to lobby Trump to put a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2016. He told Trump he would “get all of Putin’s team to buy in” but there is no evidence that Trump did anything but laugh off the proposal.

Sater, who claims close affiliation with the DIA, CIA and the FBI, could have proposed this idea to plant seeds for the ongoing deep state take-down of Trump or perhaps was just trying to cash out on Trump’s additional star during his Presidential run.

Scandal 3: Russian officials had more than 100 contacts with Trump associates during the campaign and transition, including his son, his closest adviser, his lawyer, and his campaign manager. The Russians offered assistance in undermining Hillary Clinton. The FBI and other government authorities weren’t alerted about this effort to subvert our election.

First, the McCarthyist notion that it should be a crime to contact a Russian is utter xenophobic nonsense. Besides, individuals within the Trump administration cannot control who contacts them. In many cases, these “Russian officials” turned out to be deep state plants designed to entrap President Trump and his key allies.

In the most high-profile of these cases, Donald Trump Jr. was approached by Russians who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton and a meeting was subsequently arranged. It is speculated that this may be a campaign finance violation even though no information was actually exchanged. These are the types of “scandals” that the mainstream media wants the public to riot over.

Scandal 4: Michael Flynn was national security adviser at the same time U.S. intelligence officials believed he was compromised by the Kremlin. He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts.

No proof has ever been offered for the conspiracy theory that Gen. Michael Flynn was “compromised by the Kremlin.” Flynn was questioned by Peter Strzok, the now fired and disgraced FBI hack who was found to be plotting a coup against the President in text messages with his illicit lover.

The perjury trap was sprung on the patriotic general from there after the FBI told him he didn’t need a lawyer for what he was told would be an informal interview. Strzok also assisted in the cover-up to prevent Hillary Clinton and her associates from being prosecuted after lying to federal officials about her private e-mail server.

Scandal 5: Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, and told NBC’s Lester Holt it was at least in part because of the Russia investigation: “[T]his Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.”

These are merely the jilted cries of a scorned and reviled ex-bureaucrat trying to sell some books and avoid jail time.

Scandal 6: Trump overruled the advice of his lawyers and intelligence experts, and granted his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a top-secret clearance. This so alarmed his White House chief of staff John Kelly that he recorded his opposition in a memo. Trump and his family repeatedly denied he had interfered.

While senior advisor Jared Kushner is well-known as a globalist and liberal influence on the administration, Trump as Commander-in-Chief can decide at his own discretion who receives top-secret clearances. This factoid may show Trump’s nepotistic tendencies or bullheaded nature, but can hardly accurately be described as a serious scandal.

To close their article, Axios noted that none of these scandals really matter in the end:

Trump himself might survive all of this — and even more. Republican voters seem basically unmoved by the mounting evidence.

It’s true that Republican voters care more about the future of their country than they do sabotaging President Trump out of spite and envy.

Republican voters understand that the same intelligence community that lied us into the Iraq War could be lying about President Trump and the Russians as well.

Democrats relied on these federal spooks to deliver the goods on Trump, and despite any denialist reports from the mainstream media, this strategic blunder may cost them dearly in 2020.

Fake News Media

VILE: New York Times Claims U.S. Military ‘Celebrates White Supremacy’ on Memorial Day

The fake news hates America.



To commemorate Memorial Day, the New York Times published an op/ed claiming that the U.S. military celebrates white supremacy.

The op/ed was signed by the entire editorial board of the Times, showing how this view is ubiquitous among everyone on the fake news rag. They argue that the U.S. military celebrates white supremacy because they have not sufficiently pissed on the graves of ancestors deemed to be racist by Cultural Marxists.

The editorial board claims that “innocent intentions cannot obscure the truth that secessionists embarked on the Civil War to guarantee the rights of some human beings to own others, or the fact that the Confederate banner represents the same white supremacist values as — and is often displayed in tandem with — the Nazi swastika.”

They are pushing for the U.S. military to rename their bases that are named after Confederate generals, as the leftists march to degrade American culture in their relentless push to transform the nation.

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“This same toxic legacy clings to the 10 United States military installations across the South that were named for Confederate Army officers during the first half of the 20th century,” the Times editorial board wrote.

“Apologists often describe the names as a necessary gesture of reconciliation in the wake of the Civil War. In truth, the namings reflect a federal embrace of white supremacy that found its most poisonous expression in military installations where black servicemen were deliberately placed under the command of white Southerners — who were said to better “understand” Negroes — and confined to substandard housing, segregated transportation systems and even “colored only” seating in movie houses,” they added.

The cultural genocide is not just extended to Confederate ancestors, but also to the Founding Fathers as well. The Times has pushed revisionist anti-American history through the 1619 Project, which has stated blatantly false claims about America seceding from the British to protect the institute of slavery.

Big League Politics has reported about how the Left is coming after all symbols honoring American heritage and the founding-era revolutionaries who put their lives on the line to establish liberty:

After a San Francisco school board voted to paint over a mural depicting the life of George Washington, over 500 academics signed an open letter urging the board to reverse course.

This decision was made after accusations of the mural traumatizing students and glorifying “slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny, white supremacy, oppression.” USA Today reported that hundreds of educators are protesting this decision, calling it a “gross violation of logic” as the mural actually represents “a significant monument of anti-racism.”

The mural was created by Russian-American painter Victor Arnautoff in 1936, according to a report from the Richmond District Blog. Some of the mural’s images were attacked during the civil rights movement over its portrayal of slavery and Native Americans…

Rachael Z. DeLue, an Art History and American Studies professor at Princeton University, told USA Today that the mural shouldn’t be removed:

“If we cover it up and we whitewash it, not only are we doing a disservice to history, but we’re also doing a disservice to those who suffered at the hands of European-descended Americans: slaves and Native Americans who were traumatized and killed.”

DeLue added, “It’s also the case that this isn’t simply of the past. The legacies of slavery and federal policy about Native Americans live on in the present.”

Paul Von Blum, a senior lecturer in African American studies and communications studies at University of California, Los Angeles, suggested that students become more mentally tough.

“I know it causes students to cringe, but that’s the function of art,” Von Blum said to USA Today. “And art should never be censored.”

The New York Times openly hates America and wants the nation to be destroyed and its people to be subjugated. The fake news is the enemy of the people.

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