Decision to Remove the Word “Lord” from Monument in South Carolina Receives Backlash

After the word “Lord” was removed from a stone memorial outside of a South Carolina police station, many people became upset.

This includes U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman.

On Tuesday, Norman posted a link to a FOX News video on Facebook about the removal of word “Lord” from the memorial outside the Tega Cay Police Department.

According to FOX 46 Charlotte,  city leaders removed the word “Lord” in 3 cases that the word was mentioned in the monument’s scripture.  This monument was donated to the police department to commemorate the efforts of fallen officers.

City officials claim that they started receiving criticism once the monument was built. Now, they are receiving just as much backlash after they decided to paint over the monument.

The City of Tega Cay released a statement on social media:

We have received many comments, both locally and nationally, in response to the monument at the Tega Cay Police Station. We attempted to find a compromise but failed as our community has further divided. In an attempt to find a resolution, we have upset parties on both sides of this issue and for that we are truly sorry. The City of Tega Cay’s intent from the beginning of this project was to recognize our current and fallen police officers. Without their courage, strength, dedication, concern and compassion, as mentioned in the police officer’s prayer inscribed on the monument, our City would be a much different place.

At this time, we have removed the monument while we continue to seek a solution that expresses our unwavering support and gratitude to those who risk their lives every day for ours. We will continue to welcome feedback from our residents and seek further guidance from our legal team until we can find a viable solution for all concerned.

To the police officers, fire fighters, and other first responders, we thank you for your service and keeping our community safe.

We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your input. Regardless of our different viewpoints, our people are the greatest assets of our community and what truly make this City such a wonderful place to live the good life in Tega Cay.

Political correctness has struck yet again.

Traditional aspects of American culture are all fair game for the iconoclasts on the Left.

Cherished monuments could be subject to removal and vandalism simply because they offend the feelings of an increasingly sensitive populace.

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