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Deep State Moves to Undermine Trump’s Planned Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal



It has become abundantly clear in recent months that President Donald Trump is ready to bring the troops home. He understands that he was elected to be a peace President and is taking his mandate very seriously.

He made the following announcement during Christmas time last year:

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Since making his peace proclamation, the deep state has been at work trying to undermine Trump’s progress so troops remain in place around the globe. For Afghanistan in particular, the US is involved there in a 17-year war that is the longest in the nation’s history. Trump has called for troops to come home from Afghanistan, but the Pentagon countered that with a plan of their own calling for troops to remain in the graveyard of empires for at least five more years.

The New York Times explains what the deep state is cooking up:

All American troops would withdraw from Afghanistan over the next three to five years under a new Pentagon plan being offered in peace negotiations that could lead to a government in Kabul that shares power with the Taliban.

The rest of the international force in Afghanistan would leave at the same time, after having mixed success in stabilizing the country since 2001. The plan is being discussed with European allies and was devised, in part, to appeal to President Trump, who has long expressed skepticism of enduring American roles in wars overseas.

The plan calls for cutting by half, in coming months, the 14,000 American troops currently in Afghanistan. It would task the 8,600 European and other international troops with training the Afghan military — a focus of the NATO mission for more than a decade — and largely shift American operations to counterterrorism strikes.

Just like what happened in Iraq, it appears the Pentagon is going to stage a phantom withdrawal where a phony peace will be announced, but the policies remain exactly the same. In the case of Iraq, Obama was given the credit by a complicit mainstream media for achieving the peace only to quietly put the troops back in Iraq years later. Lawmakers in the new Democratic Iraq are demanding troop withdrawal, and the US refuses to comply.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been in Trump’s corner throughout this process, trying to make sure that Trump understands that the deep state and Washington D.C. swamp are feeding him misinformation about various foreign threats including Afghanistan. He went off on his colleague Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other lawmakers for agitating on behalf of endless war.

Trump has certainly pledged to bring the troops home, but it is not an easy process. Entrenched institutional power will oppose him every step of the way. He will have to listen to voices like Paul and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), who is leading on the issue of non-intervention in Yemen, and not the swamp in order to fulfill his ‘America First’ policy mandate.

Deep State

WOW: John Durham is Reportedly Dropping Russia-Gate Investigation to Appease Biden ‘Administration’

Durham’s probe ends as an empty flop.



U.S. Attorney John Durham is reportedly giving up on the Russia-gate investigation, as he is too scared to delve into the truth now that Biden has been announced as president-elect by the globalists.

Thus far, Durham’s investigation has been a huge bust. His work has only resulted in the prosecution of one individual – former FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith – for making or using “any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry.”

Outside of this nobody, there have been no prosecutions that have resulted from Durham’s Russia-gate investigation despite the laundry list of evidence showing wrongdoing.

Sean Davis of The Federalist has reported that the investigation is over. Durham is apparently quitting because of cowardice.

Big League Politics has reported on Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch blowing the whistle on Durham’s failure to do his job and investigate what was arguably the biggest crime in U.S. history prior to the vote steal:

Trump supporters are waiting with baited breath for U.S. Attorney John Durham to come out with his explosive findings in regards to his investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion probe against President Trump.

According to Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton, Trump supporters are getting taken for a ride. Fitton said during a recent appearance on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that Barr and Durham are making no progress on investigating what very well may be the worst criminal conspiracy in U.S. history.

“You know, my concern is it’s been, what, sixteen-plus months since Durham was appointed and only now is he questioning Mr. Brennan,” Fitton said.

Fitton said that he is inclined to believe disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan when he says that he is not a person of interest in Durham’s investigation.

“I don’t see grand juries operating. I don’t see a bunch of witnesses coming in. I don’t see lawyers complaining about their clients being brought in before Durham,” Fitton said.

He said that the Mueller investigation was run much more thoroughly than Durham’s so-called investigation, the goal of which appears to be protecting the deep state.

“You know when the government is being pressure on witnesses and subjects and that is not evident here,” Fitton said, adding that it is his opinion that Durham is “not doing the work” needed to bring deep state criminals to justice.

Fitton did not object to Dobbs’ characterization that he is calling the Durham a “sham.”

“I’ll have to tell you. I’m a little concerned that the FBI is no longer an investigative agency because if this is the way they operate, it’s going to take them decades to deal with anything of real complexity,” Dobbs said.

It seems that Durham, and his boss Attorney General Bill Barr, were just deep state hacks all along. So much for “Trust the Plan,” huh?

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