DEEP STATE WINS OVER THE LEFT: Democrats Cheer On FBI To Release ‘Dirt’ On Trump


Progressives are hoping that the U.S. national intelligence agencies will take out their personal animus toward President Donald Trump by leaking information collected from their surveillance activities to damage his reputation and his presidency. The Deep State, having won over the very people once opposed to it, is quickly taking over.

The FBI is reportedly declaring “war” on Trump and vowing revenge on the president for firing its director James Comey.

As The Washington Post reported: One intelligence official who works on Russian espionage matters said they were more determined than ever to pursue such cases. Another said Comey’s firing and the subsequent comments from the White House are attacks that won’t soon be forgotten. Trump had ‘essentially declared war on a lot of people at the FBI,’ one official said. ‘I think there will be a concerted effort to respond over time in kind.'”

The shadow civil war, then, is underway.

Left-wingers do not seem interested in the threat to constitutional democracy, or the potential illegality, that such vindictive measures by the FBI would present. Leftists, in concert with establishment Republicans, seem to think that the intelligence community is their own personal weapon to settle scores. The confusion of anti-Trump politics — the elevation of hatred and pettiness over any coherent ideology — is on full display.

Oliver Willis, a former Media Matters operative who now works for pro-Clinton dirt-slinger David Brock’s ShareBlue operation, hinted Thursday morning that the “dirt” might be forthcoming.

Various reactions to Willis’ tweet urged the intelligence agencies to act on the vindictive plot. One keyboard activist stated that the dirt will “come out soon.”

There are some big fans of the FBI’s weaponization, particularly among Rachel Maddow’s viewers.

Another prevailing sentiment on the Internet — aside from cheerleading for Deep State sabotage — is the idea that Trump is dumb for daring to ruffle the feathers of the entrenched government bureaucrats whose power has unimaginable reach. Trump must be an idiot for trying to clean up the corruption in our Deep State agencies.

Lawmaking Democrats are just as brazen about what they’re doing. Consider the victory lap Hillary Clinton took when the Deep State knocked General Michael Flynn out of the White House, which Clinton adviser Philippe Reines made clear was motivated by Flynn’s son tweeting about the anti-Clinton “Pizzagate” conspiracy.

We are officially through the looking glass.

The Left, which railed against the Patriot Act and the Deep State shenanigans of the Bush administration, is now in confederacy with those very Deep State agencies. The hyper-partisan nature of our political discourse has convinced progressives — the very people once opposed to the Deep State takeover — that our overseers with security clearances are now the good guys. Divide and conquer.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is not merely used to weaken and try to impeach the president. Now it is used as an active tool to aide the Deep State takeover by convincing the resistance that the Deep State is actually their hero. The progressives — tribal, emotional, and barely versed in the ideology they claim to espouse — have been played.

In another era, before our school systems went to Hell, there would be bipartisan outrage at the FBI for declaring a personal “war” on the President of the United States. There would at least be an acknowledgment of the gravity of the situation. People would at least be calling this “war” what it really is: a new Civil War.

But no. Anti-Bush progressives are on the side of a vindictive rogue FBI and CIA. So-called libertarians, entranced by the illusory wonders of globalism, have taken up muskets with the neocons. The presidency is marginalized, the country is made out to be a joke on the world stage. And the Deep State crushes dissent by winning over the dissenters.

Is it cliche to quote George Orwell in times like these? Yes. But it’s cliche because George Orwell is the most relevant writer who ever lived.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”


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