Defund the Police Booster Cori Bush Spent a Significant Amount of Money on Private Security

As the US descends into chaos, the ruling class is having all of their bases covered by turning to private security for basic security functions.

And yes, the primary proponents of the Defund the Police movement are relying on private security to stay safe.

Exhibit A is Congresswoman Cori Bush. The freshman member of The Squad has apparently spent approximately $70,000 on private security per records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC)

According to Henry Rodgers of the Daily Caller, “Bush’s campaign sent $54,120.92 in payments from April 15 to June 28 for ‘security services.’”

The money was sent to a security group named RS&T Security Consulting, per the FEC records released on July 15. In addition, the Democrat’s campaign paid $15,000 to Nathaniel Davis for “security services.” This brought the total amount of money spent on private security to $69,120, according to a Fox News report.

This isn’t the first time that Bush and her fellow members of the Squad have spent hefty sums of money on private security. In an April report, the Daily Caller revealed Bush and her progressive compatriots dropped thousands of dollars of campaign funds on private security.

Consider this a sneak preview of what America will look like when defunding the police becomes a universally accepted public policy. Politicians who advocate for such destructive policies will still have the ability t​o purchase private security services while the everyday person has to put up with intolerable levels of crime and have very little options to combat the inevitable crime waves that are bound to occur. 

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