Degenerates Cry about Tennessee Law Preventing Christian Adoption Agencies From Giving Kids to LGBT Predators

Tennessee’s recent ban on forcing Christian adoption agencies to hand over children to gay couples has LGBT activists up in arms that there will be fewer precocious kids for them to get their hands on.

NBC News profiled one LGBT family in Tennessee that shows the immoral and unsettling nature of the social movement.

“I actually identify as bisexual, my wife identifies as lesbian, one dad is transgender and the other is a gay man,” said 38-year-old Amber Stanton explained to the fake news agency, bragging about her 2-year-old adopted daughter Regan, who was surrendered to them by a pregnant transgender “man.”

“She has the whole gamut to her family, and we love it; she has a very special story,” she added.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a measure that prevented Christian adoption agencies from losing state funds if they disallowed children from being indicted into these Gomorrah-esque family situations. The state’s LGBT community is worried that they will lose access to the children they crave.

“Adoption comes with so many trials and so many traumas, and of course there’s also so much joy,” Stanton said. “Any parent who goes through the adoption process goes through so much to get to that end adoption day that they are waiting for, and to see that that might be met with discouragement for those who identify as LGBT is very sad.”

The far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is arguing that it is a constitutional right to coerce Christians into funneling children to sodomites.

“The state itself couldn’t say, ‘We’re only going to accept Christians,’ ‘We’re only going to accept Jews,’ or ‘Only people who go to church …’ That’s clear, I think, to pretty much everyone,” said Leslie Cooper, deputy project director of the ACLU’s LGBT & HIV Project.

“When they contract out those services to private organizations, they can’t do that either; it’s still a violation of the Constitution,” she added.

Ever since being legitimized by the Supreme Court, LGBT couples have been aggressively targeting children for adoption. Over 21 percent of LGBT couples, including those in so-called marriages, have adopted kids. They are also more likely to adopt “older, special-needs and minority children,” according to some studies. While advocates for the LGBT agenda use this as an example of the kind and compassionate nature of their community, there may be darker motives afoot.

The case of Mark Newton and Peter Truong show how LGBT predators can use the children they adopt to fuel their twisted and depraved lifestyles:

A gay couple who ran an international paedophile ring involving a son they illegally bought from Russia reportedly planned to buy a second child to exploit.

Mark Newton, 46, and Peter Truong, 40, from Cairns, on Queensland’s coast, sexually abused their adopted Russian son and trafficked him to other paedophiles around the world from the age of one until six…

Newton is serving 40 years in a US prison and Truong is serving 30 in a US prison after they were arrested in 2012 for sexually abusing their son and trafficking him for sex in an international paedophile ring.

Judge Sarah Evans Barker said she didn’t want to put the trial by a jury because she felt the evidence was too heinous for people to witness.

Truong was given a reduced sentence because he cooperated with the authorities.

The pair were found guilty of offering the boy for sex to at least eight men in the US, France and Germany.

Newton and Truong were living in California when the boy, then six, was taken away from them and they were arrested.

When Newton was sentenced in the US, police told the court the boy was adopted in 2005 for the sole purpose of sexual gratification and sex trafficking.

Police also told the court the two men uploaded disturbing images and videos of the abuse to international paedophilia ring ‘Boy Lovers Network’.

They reportedly urged paedophiles to travel to Russia where they could pay to rape the young boy.

Tennessee took preventative measures to prevent heinous situations like this from occurring, but more action will need to be taken to fully stop this predatory agenda.