Democrat Activist Admits Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly Hiding Second Amendment Views in Project Veritas Sting

A staffer of an Arizona Democrat group admits that Democrat Senate candidate Mark Kelly is seeking to downplay his views on the Second Amendment until he secures election in November.

The canvassing activist for an Arizona Democratic Party-affiliated PAC all but admits that Kelly is tacitly deceiving Arizona voters on his Second Amendment views.

The Mission for Arizona field organizer, Angelica Carpio, clarifies that “he wants to get elected first” before speaking of his policy positions on gun rights. Strangely, she says that she’s “defaming my campaign right now.

He’s trying to be elected and then he’ll implement the measures. You always can’t trust politicians.

Why would you advocate for his election if you can’t trust him on his policy positions?

Carpio admits the campaign tactic is based upon sheer political calculations.

I think he just wants to get those independents. He wants to get those Republicans that don’t trust Trump anymore, and one of their main issues is guns.

Kelly has gone completely dark on his policy views on guns. Arizona is one of the most pro-Second Amendment states in the country, and Kelly’s “Gun Safety” page on his website is extremely light on concrete policy proposals.

Kelly formerly was a leader of gun control group Giffords PAC, a group that promoted broad anti-gun rights policies such as “assault weapons ban.” The owner of an Arizona firearms company denied him when he tried to purchase an AR-style rifle in 2013, pointing out that Kelly was seeking to buy the rifle as a liberal stunt intended to show that buying rifles is too easy.

It will be critical for incumbent Republican Senator Martha McSally to confront Kelly on his gun policy views, forcing the well-funded stealth Democrat to admit if he supports so-called assault weapons bans and other gun control measures before the people of Arizona vote in the critical Senate election.



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