Democrat Candidate Made Lewd References To Women And His Own Genitalia, Personal Use Of Mrs. Dash Food Product

Virginia Beach Democrat city council candidate Mike Maskell made lewd references to women and to his own genitalia and referred to putting the food product Mrs. Dash on his genitalia.

Lawyer Mike Maskell’s Facebook comments became public due to screenshots that were leaked in an anonymous Youtube video, forcing Maskell to confirm that the comments are accurate. Maskell’s rivals for the city council seat in Virginia Beach’s Lynhaven district both denounced Maskell for the comments.

Here is the video, credited to “Don’t Vote Maskell,” which features some of Maskell’s comments, including but not limited to:

“I’m cut and wouldn’t have it any other way…chicks love to give that mushroom tip the kung fu grip” Maskell said.

“I say it while I fall asleep,” Maskell said (referring to the comment “Why are you still here?,” supposedly said to women).

“When I pull out my cock the future get bright; maid turnin down the bed getting turned down right; neighbors hear the screams, make em turn on the light; no matter the diameter it gonna fit in there tight; manager knockin’ like he wanting to fight…”

“I occasionally wreck hotel rooms with my penis.”

“Women don’t like sex with men because of the act. They hate it with men because they freshen up before the act and come back to sweaty balls thinking ‘I was in that bathroom for 20 minutes and this fucker couldn’t take a minute to put hand soap or paprika to freshen up his balls.”

“who doesn’t want Mrs. Dash on their nuts?”



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