Democrat Congresswoman Reportedly Cries In The White House In Push For Amnesty

Democrat congresswoman Pramila Jayapal reportedly cried in the Oval Office of the White House while meeting with Joe Biden, marking yet another example of Democrats lacking the emotional stability and integrity to competently lead America through a period of crisis. Jayapal, the leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, reportedly cried while she was arguing for a mass amnesty to be included in the Democrats’ spending bill.

POLITICO’s insufferable “Playbook” feature reported that Jayapal “broke into tears while arguing her case” to Joe Biden that a mass amnesty provision providing a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants should be a hallmark of the multi-trillion dollar spending plan that Democrats are trying to push through the budget reconciliation process. The Democrats are poised to try to pass a more than $3 trillion spending bill after another compromise bill likely fails in a vote coming up on Monday.

Democrats have faced problems in trying to squeeze mass amnesty into their spending plan. The Senate parliamentarian, who happens to be a woman, ruled against the Democrats in their attempt to shove amnesty into the bill. Why? Because it is against the Senate rules to radically engineer social change as a footnote in a totally unrelated spending bill. The Democrat bill is supposedly focused on climate change and other issues.

Does Jayapal feel proud of herself for debasing herself in the White House? Does she expect to gain sympathy points now from likeminded leftist females who might sympathize with Pramila’s emotional meltdown? The Democrats are shameless, as evidenced by the crocodile tears that Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have shed in public. President Donald Trump routinely mocked Cryin’ Chuck Schumer for his disgraceful crying session when Schumer was trying to stop Trump’s travel ban on terrorist-rich Middle Eastern countries. But we live in a new paradigm now, a paradigm in which the people in charge no longer care about projecting American strength, a paradigm in which leftists use shameless adolescent antics to push the globalist agenda of their donor overlords. We’re a long way from the Reagan era now, ladies and gentlemen. A long way from the Reagan era.

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