Democrat Debate Moderator: Obama “Deported Three Million Americans”

Jose Diaz-Balart, a moderator in the second round of MSNBC’s Democratic Debate, surprised audiences when he made a striking and false claim about President Obama’s enforcement of American immigration laws.

The career journalist claimed that Obama “deported three million Americans” in a question phrased to Joe Biden over immigration policy.

Balart was obviously speaking about illegal aliens, who he carelessly and incorrectly conflated with legal American citizens, who cannot be deported. President Obama did in fact deport roughly three million illegal immigrants in his Presidency.

Biden answered the question without correcting Balart’s erroneous claim, going on to defend Obama’s immigration record while contradictorily calling for a universal amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Watch the question here:

In Democratic debates, referring to illegal immigrants as ‘Americans’ seems to simply fly by without any attempt to push back in defense of actual native-born and naturalized U.S Citizens.

The wild and open-borders immigration positions staked out by leading candidates such as Biden are sure to resonate throughout the entire Democratic Party, creating and environment where support of literally any immigration law enforcement is seen as “racist” and unacceptable.

The insanity will only get worse.

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