Democrat Jacky Rosen Allegedly Told Colleague Kyrsten Sinema to “Watch Your A**” After Applauding Trump

Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was one of the only Senators in her caucus to applaud Trump celebrating the passage of live-saving ‘Right to Try’ legislation on Tuesday’s State of the Union Address.

It seems that taking the audacity of rising to applaud an element of President Trump’s address rubbed at least one Democratic Senator the wrong way.

As cameras captured the scene of Sinema clapping, Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen was seen speaking to her in a curt and seemingly displeased manner. Rosen seems to have mouthed the words “watch your ass” before looking away in an annoyed manner.

Sinema in turn nodded in a dismissive manner, not deterred from reacting to one element of the President’s address by her colleague’s intimidation tactics.

Having come from a light red or purple state, Sinema may not have the political luxury of full partisan opposition to President Trump’s policy agenda that legislators from reliably blue states can afford. Sinema had also declined to participate in a stunt that involved female Democrats dressing in all white with the hopes of making a political statement against Trump.

Other positive reactions to the President’s address were few and far between among Democratic legislators. The form of intimidation employed by Rosen may have been effective in silencing other Democrats sympathetic to common-sense policies supported by Trump, such as Right to Try. It updates medical regulations to allow very sick or terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Apparently giving sick people fighting for the lives the right to choose between medical options is unacceptable grandstanding to senior Democrats.

Principled opposition, or staged and opportunistic political theatre?

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