Democrat Lobbyists Use ‘America First’ Buzzwords To Suck Up To Trump

President Donald J. Trump, Facebook

Top Democrats in Washington hate President Donald Trump and are determined to stop him. That is, until their corporate lobbying clients — like the major airlines — need to pressure Trump to get rid of “unfair competition” in their industry. Then, all of a sudden, they become populist nationalists.

Big League Politics has reported on the Democratic Party plot to emulate Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan for the 2020 campaign, similar to how Bill Clinton directly ripped off Trump’s protectionist talking points late in the campaign in the Midwest. Now, a D.C. insider passes along a new plot, anchored by top Obama crony Hilary Rosen, to use Trump language to push the Trump White House in the direction the airlines want it to go.

The insider writes to Big League:

“The rhetoric of America First struck a chord with the Democrat base — so much so that some in the DC Swamp are attempting to hijack the rhetoric and use it for their progressive agenda.  Meet Hilary Rosen, the self-described “strong, progressive Democrat” who is the traffic cop at the intersection between corporate cronyism and progressive politics.

As the head of SKDKnickerbocker, the progressive public affairs and marketing firm, Rosen has used her progressive credentials for years to curry favor with liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. Their vast history of support of anti-business candidates and causes hasn’t stopped the big three airlines – United, Delta and American – from hiring Rosen to push the White House to dump current Open Skies agreements that would allow more competition and job creation in the industry.

Rosen and the #TheResistance are using the rhetoric of “America First” to push the White House to do favors for their corporate clients. Politico Influence reports the “Partnerships for Open and Fair Skies” has spent more than an astounding $6.1 million lobbying to demand the White House renege on existing agreements. Competition might be good for consumers, but it isn’t good for airlines that like to manhandle customers to throw them off planes.

Rosen, who recently went to Twitter to bash fellow progressive and Democratic super-lawyer Jamie Gorelick for representing Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner…

..uses her same account to push her corporate client’s agenda:

#TheResistance believes you cannot represent the Trump Family as an attorney, while at the same time they’re begging the Trump White House to push legislative changes that will benefit their clients. Doesn’t make a lot of sense from a logical standpoint.

Draining the Swamp should include draining any hypocritical bad actors from having access to the White House.”

Maybe President Trump is more powerful now in Washington than the resistance is letting on!

Hilary Rosen did not return a request for comment for this report.










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