Democrat Presidential Candidate Says Party was ‘Hoping’ Trump Was Compromised Russian Asset

A recently-announced Democratic Party presidential candidate admitted in a Monday interview that Democrats were “hoping” that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III would return investigation results proving that President Donald J. Trump was a Russian asset.

“I think our party made a mistake by waiting until there would be some smoking gun in the Mueller report, and there’s not a big smoking gun like we were hoping for,” Rep. Seth Moutlon (D-Mass.) said Monday on Good Morning America. 

Moulton was answering a question about whether the Democrats should impeach Trump. He announced his candidacy on the show, joining a crowded field of presidential hopefuls.

Moulton also continued to purvey the Russian “collusion” conspiracy theory, which has now been thoroughly debunked.

“There is a smoking gun about our national security,” he continued. “I mean, we all should be asking – Democrat, Republican alike – why Putin wanted Trump elected.”

Mueller’s report did not find that allegation to be true, and indeed, it turned out that Russian internet trolls targeted the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), too. Naturally, the corporate press has given that matter zero attention.

The 2020 candidate also accused Trump of obstruction of justice, which is the direction towards which the Democrats have pivoted since their “collusion” dreams died.

“From what I’ve seen, I believe he did [obstruct justice], Moulton said. “And I think that’s clear. And that’s why we also have to have Robert Mueller in to testify before the Congress.”


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