Democrat Representative: ‘We Clearly Have a Fascistic Movement’ in GOP

Democrat Jamie Raskin on MSNBC argued there was “clearly” a “fascistic movement” in the Republican party.

In an interview on Morning Joe, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a member of the House Select Committee on the January 6 events, called into question the state of the GOP over the January 6 events and the events that led up to it. Raskin was on MSNBC to promote his book “Unthinkable.”

Raskin declared in the interview ,“We have to talk about fascism in U.S. democracy because we clearly have a fascistic movement.”

We have a political party that has positioned itself outside of the constitutional order and does not accept the outcome and the results of elections that do not favor them. And that’s an essentially fascist attitude when you reject the basic premise of democracy that we accept the official and legitimate results of an election. And you don’t keep questioning the courts and questioning all of the counts in order to rev up your troops and to propagandize them.

These are quite the allegations, yet as pointed out at Discover The, “The hypocritical Democrats have challenged every single presidential election won by Republicans in this century.”

Hilary Clinton refused to accept that President Trump won fairly. In addition, Stacey Abrams challenged her election results. She still most likely considers herself governor. The reality is that the left seeks to silence conservatives and Trump supporters by repeatedly calling them fascists.

The left does not have truth on their side so instead they resort to bullying and name calling . The bullying will no longer work.

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